Educational crafts from home! How to make a beautiful Souveniers for our new cousin!Part 2

Hello friends of @steemiteducation, the education of our children is extremely important for us parents and educators, that's why we always have to look for the best teaching and learning tools and strategies to impart the best possible education. I am a lover of crafts and I would like to present a series of educational strategies based on them, any child is interested in working with their hands, coloring, pasting, cutting, drawing, in short, having fun and what better way to do it than making crafts.


Two days ago we chose a design of some boots to design and create some booties for our new cousin, but today we decided to make another (my Sophia and I) which we fell in love and we liked a lot, then our little pieces in souveniers for our new cousin


  • Flexible dough or cold porcelain (approximately 250 grams).

  • The colors of the cold paint (those that you need according to your taste and according to the sex of the baby) we use white and pink.

  • Pallets and molds to work with cold porcelain.

  • A cable bent at the tip where a card would be placed alluding to the baby.

  • Tape to make some bows and decorate.

  • Some other adornment of your preference.

  • White glue


  • We take a piece of cold porcelain approximately 5 cts of pink color (the color we need according to the sex of the baby) and flatten it leaving it of a thickness of 3 millimeters approximately and cut it with the selected mold.

  • With the palette of working flexible dough and the circle in the tip we make the design around the circle some stitches that will give it the shape according to the photograph.

PUZZLE_20190615_221828 (1).jpg

  • Then we take a piece of dough (according to the chosen size) and we create a kind of tube the acual we shape and leave it thicker at the tip and finer down and bend it a bit so that it looks like the shape of a foot ( as it appears in the photograph)

  • Then we take a piece of cold skin-colored porcelain and we take small pieces to create the fingers from the largest to the smallest. There are five fingers in total

PUZZLE_20190615_221719 (1).jpg

  • Then we paste it in the base and create a kind of base to place the wire that holds the message holder and we put flexible maas and glue and place it as it appears in the photograph.

  • We decorate it with a bow and a ribbon to your preference, you can decorate it as you want, our sample serves as a quia for your design.


  • And so our work, I hope you like it and will guide you for your porcelain works, my Sophia I enjoy it very much and want to continue working with this material.


The crafts will always be a very useful tool to educate our children, through them, we can also transmit information, knowledge, activities, activities, attention and concentration, memorization, psychomotricity. and the additional increases. Self-esteem There are many activities that children can do at home thanks to what can have a good time with the children of the house, help them in their physical and mental development, make them have fun and improve communication between the family. Even making an everyday activity an educational resource!So, we also have a little time with our children and we click on educational crafts that will bring many benefits as well as strengthening family ties.Thanks for visiting my blog and I wait for you in my next publication.

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