Educational crafts from home! How to make a beautiful Souveniers for our new cousin!

Hello friends of @steemiteducation, the education of our children is extremely important for us parents and educators, that's why we always have to look for the best teaching and learning tools and strategies to impart the best possible education. I am a lover of crafts and I would like to present a series of educational strategies based on them, any child is interested in working with their hands, coloring, pasting, cutting, drawing, in short, having fun and what better way to do it than making crafts.


Soon, our family received a new member a beautiful little cousin who would fill us with much joy, so my beautiful daughter Sophia tells me "Mama let's do something to the baby to receive it" and we decided to work with a very delicate material and easy to manipulate by What children can do and what guides they have to do.

So come on, let's see what we need.


  • Flexible mass or cold porcelain (approximately 250 grams).

  • Colors of cold paint (those that you need to your taste and according to the sex of the baby) we use white and pink.

  • Pallets and molds to work with cold porcelain.

  • A wire bent at the tip where a card would be placed alluding to the baby.

  • Ribbon to make some bows and decorate.

  • Some other adornment of your preference.

  • White glue.



  • The first thing we have to do is the base where we will mount our boots.

  • So we take a quantity of cold white porcelain according to the size we want to select for our project. (Although cold porcelain is white it is always advisable to put a little white paint on it since it tends to get transparent) and we create a ball which we will crush with a rolling pin and with a cookie cutter or with a mold we cut a circle of approximately 3 millimeters .

  • Then with the help of our pallets we make a few holes around to decorate.


  • Then we take a little cold porcelain and put a little pink paint, we knead it and create a tube spice in which we will cut two pieces of the same size that will be the bottom of our booties, round them a little and we glue them with white glue to our base (as shown in the photographs).


  • Then we will make the top of our booties and similarly we will make with our cold porcelain a kind of tube from which we will cut two pieces of the same size but smaller than the previous ones, we will round them and place them on top of the ones we have just made In the previous step, with the help of our paddles we will make a not so deep hole in the top part and we will give them a cushion shape to both figures.

  • Before finishing the whole piece to our base we must place in the center the piece of wire where we will place the card alluding to our baby.


  • We put some ribbons with pink ribbon, allusive to the tencies of the booties and decorate with the ornaments to our liking.


  • Our boots were beautiful and everyone will love them! My Sophia had a lot of fun, flattened, I use the tools for cold porcelain and I increase her motor skills and creativity and I am extra fascinated !!


The crafts will always be a very useful tool to educate our children, through them, we can also transmit information, knowledge, activities, activities, attention and concentration, memorization, psychomotricity. and the additional increases. Self-esteem There are many activities that children can do at home thanks to what can have a good time with the children of the house, help them in their physical and mental development, make them have fun and improve communication between the family. Even making an everyday activity an educational resource!So, we also have a little time with our children and we click on educational crafts that will bring many benefits as well as strengthening family ties.Thanks for visiting my blog and I wait for you in my next publication.

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