YouTube's HighImpactFlix is Now on Steemit!

Hello my Steemit friends!

I'm Brian Young, creator of the YouTube Channel HighImpactFlix. This is my first post here on Steemit!

My aim, from the outset, has been to create relevant, hard-hitting and exciting content that will impact, engage and educate...with a little bit of entertainment thrown in for good measure (I mean, who doesn't like to be entertained every once and a while, right?)

As I introduce you to my work, I'm very humbled to say that, for one reason or another, my channel has one of the most viewed videos on the topic of 9/11 - with over 6 million views alone.

There are 4 parts. This is part one:

From the blockchain/crypto-currency persective, I'm about as fresh out of the womb as you can get. A mere infant, flailing around among giants. I know literally NOTHING at this point and feel about as free in speaking about these things as a decapitated mouse in a glue trap. Guess you COULD say I'm a blank slate, but I haven't even been to the store to buy the slate yet....that's how far behind the 8-ball I feel.

And as for Anarchy - up until a few years ago I was your typical run-o-the-mill statist, till, through many life experiences, a lot of online research and a blue million anarchist YouTube videos, I came to the shocking conclusion that, "hey, it just ain't right for a group of robed tyrants, handsomely dressed political puppets and their costumed enforcers, to initiate force on people whose only "transgression" was the mere refusal to bow to the arbitrary commands of other fellow humans." So now.... I'm a pedal-to-the-metal anarchist/volunaryist!

I'm looking forward to meeting many new friends, learning and forging meaningful relationships that WILL (I'm convinced) help changed this world. And, though I know virtually NOTHING about Steemit, at this point, I'm going to do my best to learn and clearly convey the message of censor-free social media and the need to side-step the interference of "federal" criminal elements.

Peace guys!

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