Even If Top 20 Witnesses Are Reinstated, We Still Have A Problem

At the moment of writing, 10 out of the top 21 witnesses are reinstated, meaning they are legacy witnesses, previously voted by the community, or, in the words of @netuoso, human witnesses.

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I am maintaining my current position, which is: "vote for the human witnesses, get back to a decentralized governance".

But, apparently, even if the top 20 witness spots are reverted, that won't be enough.

As the previous top 21 witnesses are getting reinstated, the 20 puppet accounts used in the hostile takeover are moving down, taking the place of other legitimate witnesses, in lower positions. A witness on position 30 is now on position 50. And because of how stake is being used for reinstating the top 21 witnesses (concentrating on them), their positions are even further weakened.

I was on position 60 before the hostile takeover, now I'm on 91. Why is this problem?

Well, because even if Justin Tron puppets are not in the top 21, directly influencing the blockchain, by occupying the next 20 places they are illegitimately abusing the witnesses rewards. With the current stake he owns, Justin can create 60 more accounts, split the voting stake between them and occupy the next 80 witnesses spots. There will be only top 20 witnesses and Justin.

This is just another way in which centralization will creep in.

The normal thing to do would be to have one witness with all the stake controlled by Tron, just as before there was only the Steemit account holding this.


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