Top 100 Most voted Posts on Hive 2020-12-09

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Here is the Top 100 Most voted Post 2020-12-09

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1. 🥇564 Hive Possible Changes in the next Six Months - Hive HARD FORK 25 @cryptoxicate LeoFinance
2. 🥈519 ✏️ Sketch of Girl – 38 @zilustras OnChainArt
3. 🥉468 The ink well writing challenge season 2/ week 7/ The love/ El amor/ by gilliatt @gilliatt The Ink Well
4.420 Black papper+potato rice..My #HomeKichen #recipe @yousafharoonkhan Foodies Bee Hive
5.368 COVID19 Vaccinations Blocked For Those With Allergies. Huge Implications For Freedom & Health. @ura-soul #covid19
6.337 An Exception to the Rule @wandrnrose7 Freewriters
7.303 Warner Bros to release its new movies on HBO Max @daltono Movies & TV Shows
8.276 How Long Should The Curation Window On Hive Be? @theycallmedan dPoll
9.267 “Silver Adventures”- Captain Joshua Slane – 09DE20- ‘Am I going to lose a Commander too?!’ @joshuaslane #silvergoldstackers
10.265 Northern Cardinals for Feathered Friends @melinda010100 Feathered Friends
11.236 Shadow Hunters Contest ENTRY #148 MyCalifornia @silversaver888 Shadow Hunters
12.236 Splinterlands: Making Profit Trading Yodin Zaku @xabi The City of Neoxian
13.235 The slavery of commissions @yonnathang LeoFinance
14.225 出事(《蘇菲的另壹個世界》11) @winniex HIVE CN 中文社区
15.219 Flight of the Gymnogene! @papilloncharity Feathered Friends
16.214 Let's Make a Collage, Round 61 - Winner Announcement! @shaka Let's Make a Collage
17.208 Day 1152: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: homemade cookies @deeanndmathews Freewriters
18.196 Spanish Guitar Chillhop Progression [ENG/ESP] @ricardomello HIVESICIANS
19.192 photography of nature in a rainy day @h-hamilton GEMS
20.185 TORUK was here @onealfa LeoFinance
21.169 Architectural Photography: monumental Corpus Christi Basilica in Krakow @phortun Photography Lovers
22.168 / Painting / Dream view in sunset / @troublemakerrr BDCommunity
23.162 HoneyComb: HIVE WALLET @bflanagin Vague Entertainment
24.161 [ESP-ENG] Iniciativa: ¿Qué te deja de bueno el 2020? // Initiative: What's good about 2020? @anthony2019 hivemexico
25.156 Phantom possession / Overpainting / Exclusive artwork in NFT Showroom @hadley4 OnChainArt
26.152 Navidad Caraqueña en el Arte de Felipe García. Serie fotográfica @poetation #cervantes
27.151 Tesla's Gaze @solominer Alien Art Hive
28.143 Empathy + The 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine ☯️ @erikaharris Threespeak
29.135 delete @angelina6688 #cn
30.133 Demon's Souls Remake: Another Jewel of PS5 @marcoquin Hive Gaming
31.129 A Story of 1000 BAT ! @trumpman LeoFinance
32.128 Una tarde en medio de una Pandemia// Contenido Original @alexaivytorres Cervantes
33.123 The problem with Bitcoin Videos on YouTube (and the Bitcoin narrative more generally) @revisesociology LeoFinance
34.122 My feelings under the train / Мої відчуття під поїздом @darine.darine Discovery-it
35.120 Investors 🤝 Curators @theycallmedan #hive
36.117 #DAppShare: Leofinance, una de mis DApp favoritas 🥳 @enmymente LeoFinance
37.111 Why do economists' advice all seem the same? @wiseagent LeoFinance
38.105 LeoFinance Marketing: Should We Be Marketing on TikTok? F#*^ Yeah!! @cflclosers LeoFinance
39.104 Only A Single Flower Remains and My Heart Hurts @bdmillergallery PowerHouseCreatives
40.102 Advanced Copies Of My New Book, Mindful Moments, Are Now Available! @ericvancewalton #story
41.100 Dream Diary - 8/12/20 @platinum-blue #dreams
42.99 Softest of Songs @dswigle PowerHouseCreatives
43.98 CONTEST #MakeupChallenge - Recreating my first makeup @justeli MakeUp Power
44.96 #Dappshare - Reseña de Dapplr @shadowmyst #dappshare
45.94 Concurso Creativo Hive / 5 cosas que te hacen sonreír (Detalles) @esthersanchez PowerHouseCreatives
46.94 Un callejón inesperado [ESP] // An alley unexpected [ENG] / GRINCH STORIES @fermionico hivemexico
47.90 Versos escondidos: No te quedes bajo la lluvia @gardenofcarmen GEMS
48.86 My wood carving @bambuka GEMS
49.84 Be Consistent When It's Hardest .:. Hump Day Easy Talk @ph1102 The CTP Swarm
50.83 "Hive Creative Contest" / Smile, antidote that gladdens the soul @nathyortiz PowerHouseCreatives
51.80 [ESP-ENG] Initiative: Traveling to The Future / Dreamy Hike. / Viajando Al Futuro / Caminata Soñadora. @lqch GEMS
52.80 One Year @rok-sivante Freewriters
53.79 The importance of challenging yourself every day. @wiseagent Project HOPE
54.79 INSTANT LEARNING / DAY 6 OF 30 DAYS BLOGGING CHALLENGE @starstrings01 Blogging Challenge
55.76 UN AMOR GENUINO (MICRO NOVELA ANÍMADA) / Genuine Love (animated micro-soap opera) @carlosehijos55 PowerHouseCreatives
56.76 I Am Alive Challenge: Day 2 😉 @animal-shelter I Am Alive Challenge
57.76 📷 The Land of High Mountains: Pakistan. Day 7. How to Get to the Eagle's Nest? @sharker TravelFeed
58.76 Town Star - Build Your City on Blockchain and earn Crypto (Gameplay & Review) @knowhow92 LeoFinance
59.75 [ESP-ENG] DIY ¡Cómo Hacer Picaportes Navideños! / How to Make Christmas Doorknobs!​🎄​🎁​✔️️​ @yiobri OnChainArt
60.75 Memorias de estado no tan sólido @rafaelziegler #spanish
61.75 #RetoTop5 Semana 38 - ¡Algo que compartir! - 5 Villancicos / por @mariajruizb @mariajruizb La radio
62.74 My Actifit Report Card: December 8 2020 @silvertop Actifit
63.73 Everyone is missing the point of Apple M1 @lucabarbera Project HOPE
64.72 Think With Caffeine #32: Never-was @macchiata Natural Medicine
65.71 (ESP/ENG) SI ALGÚN DÍA ME GANASE LA LOTERÍA / Blogging Challenge #18 @roxifit GEMS
66.71 Coronavirus Hoax: The Jabs of Death [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Смртоносни убоди @lighteye Deep Dives
67.69 "Un Amor asi" cover by @anitacariaco @anitacariaco GEMS
68.69 Being Creative And Having A Super Productive Day! @trucklife-family Natural Medicine
69.68 last day of autumn @qwerrie Picture A Day
70.67 The InkWell Writing Challenge / Rogue to Spare @iamraincrystal The Ink Well
71.66 Octavo Día - Shakira (Cover by @maitt87) @maitt87 Sound Music
72.64 How to Earn a 16% ROI on HIVE POWER and Support LeoFinance's New LeoInfra Onboarding System @leofinance LeoFinance
73.63 My First LBIs Did Arrive- Are You In Too ? @lichtblick LeoFinance
74.63 Empire of Corpses Anime Movie Review @adamada The Anime Realm
75.61 Art Talk: Fra Lippo Lippi @sjarvie5 #arttalk
76.60 Post votados por @topfivefamily reporte [09/12/2020] @topfivefamily Top Family
77.60 How to manage money: Tips for every one. @adityajainxds Project HOPE
78.55 (closed) Satoshi Cash Five Lotto For 12/10/2020 @ralph-rennoldson LeoFinance
79.55 PREVENTING COVID-19: Dr. Pierre Kory Pushes for Approval of Ivermectin Treatment For Covid-19 @lunix #covid-19
80.54 What are some new authors you can recommend me to follow? @acidyo Ask the Hive
81.54 To Sleep.. Perchance To Dream / IAAC 230th @iamraincrystal I Am Alive Challenge
82.54 Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 49 @wendyth16 GEMS
83.53 Risingstar CCG - booster packs opening - nice drop @kobusu Rising Star Game
84.53 Economy, currency and their relationship to silver! @welshstacker #silvergoldstackers
85.51 TORTA DE LIMON 🍰🍋 LEMON CAKE [ESP/ENG] @mariale07 Foodies Bee Hive
86.50 F You Santa! Liberals ruin everything. @broncnutz #palnet
87.50 The Speed Of Hive @taskmaster4450 LeoFinance
88.49 (closed) Sum it up with odd even matching game! evening game 12/10/2020 @ralph-rennoldson LeoFinance
89.49 TRANVÍA / [Poema] @rpcaceres GEMS
90.48 We are investing in Build. @ecosaint #edenbuxx
91.48 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TORU! @straykat OnChainArt
92.48 Smiling Shadows [First artwork with movement] Available now at Nftshowroom [Eng / Esp] @franzzonline Alien Art Hive
93.47 Una verdad @alejuu Cervantes
94.47 a mi edad @salvinopinos Cervantes
95.47 Si te hubiera, si te hubiera… @malenavargas Cervantes
96.45 These 3 Oscar Winning Movie Picks Certainly Deserved the Honor / Nominations for the Top 3 Monthly Contest - December, 2020 @justclickindiva Olio di Balena
97.45 Fantacalcio Olio di Balena: Statistiche e Considerazioni - Giornata n.10 @libertycrypto27 Olio di Balena
98.43 Origin of the punk genre (EN/ES) @ecuaminte Musicforlife 🎶
99.42 How we arrived here... History and economics..Part 7...The Rothschilds destruction of Mother Russia... @lucylin LeoFinance
100.42 My Actifit Report Card: December 8 2020 @lightsplasher Actifit


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