Top 100 Most voted Posts on Hive 2020-11-08

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Here is the Top 100 Most voted Post 2020-11-08

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1. 🥇555 Manifesting things vs feeling @ultravioletmag ecoTrain
2. 🥈513 The Hive Engagement League 🏆 @abh12345 LeoFinance
3. 🥉502 AJEDREZ SURREAL / SURREAL CHESS @franciscomarval OnChainArt
4.429 Lotus Love Sunday Editorial - Lessons, advice and health. @naturalmedicine Natural Medicine
5.392 The unknown familiar @tarazkp PowerHouseCreatives
6.326 Wrapping DEC / Data on DEC wrapped by date and accounts @dalz LeoFinance
7.303 Bocashi como sustrato orgánico en la producción de plántulas de Capsicum annuum (Ají Dulce) @lupafilotaxia StemSocial
8.295 Brotherhood in Trouble (An enrtry for @bananafish contest) @mgaft1 Freewriters
9.294 Starting a challenge after a dream come true @roadstories Photography Lovers
11.290 Trump bids to discredit US Election destabilize the economy! @zartisht LeoFinance
12.288 Splinterlands: Good Luck Killing That Cube @xabi The City of Neoxian
13.288 Flowersaur Creations had a showcase at a local craft show today @daltono GEMS
14.232 A hot (warm) Sunday post! @papilloncharity Feathered Friends
15.227 Hive Creative Contest / The Covid19 Life @truelovemom PowerHouseCreatives
16.221 Sidechains, Scalability, DeFi and More with Rob Viglione of Horizen Global @coruscate Threespeak
17.219 LeoFinance Hive and dCITY - The Three Amigos @evernoticethat LeoFinance
18.211 Define...bull run. @mindtrap LeoFinance
19.204 Road Trip to Lake Tekapo and the Canterbury Plains @discoveringarni TravelFeed
20.199 Recorriendo a Caracas, la capital de mi bella Venezuela. 🍃 Traveling to Caracas, the capital of my beautiful Venezuela. @carolinacardoza Haveyoubeenhere
21.193 Market Playbook @azircon LeoFinance
22.192 BLOCKCHAIN FOR DUMMIES - what would be your explanation? [question from my recent interview] @crypto.piotr Project HOPE
23.180 关于一碗鱼蛋粉的故事 @evahe HIVE CN 中文社区
24.179 Golden Hour: peaceful sunset over Wisla River in Krakow @phortun Photography Lovers
25.178 Festival de Música Folclórica Semana 9 - Cover Viajera del Río - Manuel Yanez by @davidcentenor. @davidcentenor VDC
26.177 Everything Is For Sale... Just A Matter Of Time! @earthcustodians #politicallyincorrect
27.175 Join LeoFinance with Metamask and Earn ETH Rewards for Your Crypto Content! Video or Written! @shortsegments LeoFinance
28.170 Wicked Knowledge: Playing a Literal Devil's Advocate (Kind of) and Choosing Freedom @artisticscreech #philosophy
29.162 被套路的千岛湖《伯爵号》游轮游 @ffcrossculture HIVE CN 中文社区
30.160 Interesting Street Art... @moemanmoesly Street Art
31.156 Whole Life Insurance as a decentralized financial investment tool, part 3: picking a life insurance company. @shortsegments LeoFinance
32.146 Just a passerby. @desro Black And White
34.142 Smartphone Shots Taken Yesterday And Today @markkujantunen GEMS
35.137 The CTP Breaking News .:. Christmas Lottery Cancelled? @ph1102 The CTP Swarm
36.134 Hive Music Festival, Semana 12, Round 1 - Déjame Vivir (Canción Original) @manujune Live Hive Music
37.132 The shadow of a reflection (a quarantine experiment) @esthersanchez PowerHouseCreatives
38.129 #piratesunday: The 1960 Mexico 10 Pesos Silver Coin, Sister Teresa D’Mordecai: Part 12 @kerrislravenhill LeoFinance
39.127 Edible autumn mushrooms - Craterellus tubaeformis - (yellowfoot, funnel chanterelle) pieprznik trąbkowaty @marianomariano Fungi Lovers
40.125 (🇮🇹 ITA) POST-TRUTH 8⃣ Ordine nel caos- (🇪🇸 ESP) POST-TRUTH 8⃣ Orden en el caos @maruskina Olio di Balena
41.122 Build contest result to the topic "Town Hall" / Bauevent Ergebnis zum Thema "Rathaus" @immanuel94 Hive Gaming
42.122 Technology in the study of light / Optical system of a compound microscope_Part_III @rbalzan79 Project HOPE
43.121 Ainan in primordial waters @barbarabezina Alien Art Hive
44.118 Nov. 7, 20: AutomaticWin, Coding, and Games @definethedollar #archon
45.118 Buying My First Bitcoin @mistakili LeoFinance
46.116 Diminishing point @tarazkp LeoFinance
47.115 MakerDao Platform a Decentralized Finance Credit Debt Facility explained. @shortsegments LeoFinance
48.115 A Conversation With My Younger Self @millycf1976 #self-improvement
49.114 CC Portraits @ackhoo Photography Lovers
50.113 Finally! A Good Hive Casino! (HiveSlotGames) @trumpman LeoFinance
51.108 My Actifit Report Card: November 7 2020 @runridefly Actifit
52.107 Reciclaje Creativo Challenge #5 ♻️-Bota Navideña/ Creative Recycling Challenge # 5 ♻️-Christmas Boot @giocondina GEMS
53.107 Love The Clouds' Contest! #94 @haastrecht Love The Clouds
54.104 Berbagi Poin Sports Talk Social
55.103 Frase favorita (Day 3) - Your favorite quote - 30 days #BloggingChallenge @eugelys PowerHouseCreatives
56.103 Grasshopper -- an easy way to learn Javascript -- ein einfacher Weg Javascript zu lernen @jedigeiss Deutsch D-A-CH
57.100 Sublime Sunday & Pirate Sunday.....With Dad Update @silverd510 LeoFinance
58.100 My Amazing Experiences In Wanaka @trangbaby Haveyoubeenhere
59.100 Soledades - Mi participación en Pintar con palabras - Club de Poesía 5 de noviembre de 2020 @josemalavem Freewriters
60.98 Dtube Music RETRO - "Para amarte" - Shakira - Coversong by @yusmi @yusmi DTube
61.97 null, wrong post. @sharminmim #drawing
62.97 Garden update--Week 8 @sjarvie5 #garden
63.97 Desafío de Blogs Día 19 / CONFESIÓN @belkisa758 @belkisa758 PowerHouseCreatives
64.96 Aus gegebenem Anlass, SARS-CoV-2 @zeitgedanken Deutsch D-A-CH
65.96 Lands Pre-sale Stage 1 @splinterstats #splinterlands
66.94 Hand-poured Silver, part 27 @silversaver888 LeoFinance
67.93 Careful what you say, words cannot be taken back ....... @angiemitchell #gems
68.92 🎶 Cancionero folclórico de Venezuela 🎶 #13 ( Quinta Anauco ) - Esp/Eng - Aldemaro Romero & María Teresa Chacín - Cuatro Tutorial ( Vlog ) @gaborockstar GEMS
69.90 Mixed Rice with French Fries/ Arroz Mixto con Papas a la Francesa @rosana6 Foodies Bee Hive
70.90 New Leo Dolphin seeking guidance from the community... @underground LeoFinance
71.88 Maratón Musical Hive 2020 / Ronda semifinal categoría Intrumentista Vals Venezolano "María Luísa" By @danieldedosd2 @danieldedosd2 Live Hive Music
72.87 8 fungi, a snail and a frog [16 foto] @qwerrie Fungi Lovers
73.86 Bangkok Protests @worldcapture Photography Lovers
74.82 #theinkwell writing challenge / The Holy Order / Week Two / Season Two Writing Challenge! @adncabrera The Ink Well
75.81 Mi participación en el Concurso #7 de la Comunidad Ladies of Hive 💖/ My participation in Contest #7 from Ladies of Hive Community 💖 @actioncats Ladies of Hive
76.81 Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 110 // 15 Booster Pack Prize! @splinterlands #art
77.80 Day & Night Experience in Jiufen, Taiwan / The Frugal Traveler's Guide @itinerantph Haveyoubeenhere
78.80 No-Till 20 Gallon - 5x5 - Pot # 1 - Mars Hydro sp 250 - Episode #1 @skylinebuds DTube
79.80 My Actifit Report Card: November 7 2020 @elizabethbit Actifit
80.76 Maratón Musical Hive 2020, Ronda semifinal. Categoría covers "She used yo be mine" por @diosmarymaiz1 @diosmarymaiz1 Live Hive Music
81.75 West Harbour ...Part 54 ...Perfect Recall @johnjgeddes #writing
82.75 Pokémon Reloaded Gameplay #1, Inicio de la aventura. / Pokémon Reloaded Gameplay #1, Pokémon Reloaded Gameplay #1, the start of the adventure. @mclarenf11 Hive Gaming
83.73 Autumn time @ultravioletmag PHOTOGRAPHY [DAC]
84.71 Сoinpaprika added Cryptex24 @cryptex24 LeoFinance
85.71 My Actifit Report Card: November 7 2020 @silvertop Actifit
86.70 Setup for Live Streaming @acguitar1 #music
87.70 The Void of Space - Handpan with G&L Guitars @sketch.and.jam DTube
88.69 Escapism - The eternal return - My philosophy on entrepreneurial concepts implemented in art / music ... @luciannagy #ctp
89.68 Putting Bread on the Table: A Short Story @mynima Project HOPE
90.67 BLOGGING CHALLENGE: Day 16: What makes you happy? / Día 16: ¿Qué me hace feliz? [ESP/ENG] @irvinc GEMS
91.67 Unique fluffy flower layer... @olga.maslievich Photography Lovers
92.67 Smeggin' Father's Day @tarazkp OCD
93.66 [Acid Plays] Valorant Comeback with @strawhat @acidyo Hive Gaming
94.65 Wishing my daughter a Happy 23rd Birthday. 🍰 🥂🎁 We both made a cake.🎂 Its been a fun day. @karenb54 PowerHouseCreatives
95.64 Reminder: WIN DTC, VP, HIVE and DIY TOKEN with DIYHUB @tibfox DTube
96.64 (closed) Hive Pick 4 Lotto Prize Payout 14.664 Hive 11/08/20 round 1 With Coin Flip games + Bonus Rewards! @ralph-rennoldson #lotto
97.64 Alive Engagement Contest - Win 200 Hive Power Every Day - CLOSED For Entries - November 8 2020 @iamalivechalleng I Am Alive Challenge
98.63 Ces artistes à suivre sur Hive ! @ixindamix La Ruche
99.62 My Actifit Report Card: November 7 2020 @roger5120 Actifit
100.62 {Eng-Esp} Gratitude challenge Day 18. For being able to create your life / Por poder crear tu vida @soyunasantacruz PowerHouseCreatives


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