Top 100 Most voted Posts on Hive 2020-11-03

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Here is the Top 100 Most voted Post 2020-11-03

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1. 🥇543 Robbery At The Grave Yard / FLASH FICTION @gandhibaba Freewriters
2. 🥈488 MONOMAD - November 3rd - What's Up With All Those Single Image Posts For #Monomad?? @monochromes Black And White
3. 🥉344 Of your ethereal body // De tu cuerpo etéreo @danielapevs GEMS
4.304 Update post #1 @dcitygame Hive Gaming
5.303 THREE TIMES' THE CHARM @pouchon LeoFinance
6.294 (🇮🇹 ITA) POST-TRUTH 3⃣ Metodo scientifico- (🇪🇸 ESP) POST-TRUTH 3⃣ Método científico @maruskina Olio di Balena
7.279 This is why Nigeria is not a cryptocurrency hotspot @belemo HODL
8.273 Solos Weekly Picks - Splinterlands @solominer #minnowsupport
9.257 Election day USA and I’m OK @julianhorack PowerHouseCreatives
10.257 The gamble @galenkp PowerHouseCreatives
11.234 Land Presale Lottery: Advantages and Short Comings @xabi The City of Neoxian
12.223 Swirling the Coffee @dswigle Always a Flower
13.208 HiveSQL new feature - Delegation state table available @arcange HiveDevs
14.201 Women Around the World: Body and Mind / Mujeres del mundo: Cuerpo y Mente @adiwathrive Natural Medicine
15.195 Sitting Under The Tree / Monomad @gohenry Black And White
16.190 Trip to the Zoo @enginewitty The Alliance
17.184 CeFi Lending Strategy: Maximize USDC Returns Into BTC @bryandivisions LeoFinance
18.181 Cryptobrewmaster: Market is out and Other important updates @cryptobrewmaster Team Ukraine
19.180 20 datos acerca de mi, día 2 del desafío / Esp-Eng / 20 facts about me, day 2 of the challenge @felixmarranz PowerHouseCreatives
20.171 New Block.One Related Challenge On ChallengeEOS App @citimillz ChallengeEOS
21.170 Thorchain weekly update - episode 1 @jk6276 LeoFinance
22.168 Canada 1 Dollar - Parliamentary Library (1976) @axeman Team Ukraine
23.167 Run, Forest, Run! @rubencress Picture A Day
24.166 Vote Nobody (Ideally) @krnel Deep Dives
25.161 Day Unknown - A Story @jacobpeacock #homesteading
26.157 His Power and Authority @nattybongo HeartChurch
27.157 Búho reciclando rollo de papel higiénico. 🦉 Owl recycling toilet paper roll @machiqui63 Build-It
28.155 Interesting Street Art... @moemanmoesly Street Art
29.155 [ESP-ENG] Panacakes banana auyama 🍌 🥞 🎃 @genesishealthy Foodies Bee Hive
30.153 Quick BTC update 03.11.2020 @ew-and-patterns HODL
32.148 Proposal to Make HiveSQL Free Again @arcange HiveDevs
33.131 20 Facts about you - Day 2 / Days 30 #BloggingChallenge @elizabeths14 Blogging Challenge
34.129 Study Shows You Are More Likely To Trust AI Depending On Your Relationship Style @doitvoluntarily #technology
35.126 #HiveComic Contest #28 🕵️ The Marijuana Mystery ❓ 1,000 NEOXAG In Prizes @justinparke WeedCash Network
36.123 What To Think About The HIVE All-Time Satoshi Low? @markkujantunen LeoFinance
37.123 The Great Reset: Archbishop’s Letter to Trump [eng/срп] Велико ресетовање: Надбискупово писмо Трампу @lighteye Deep Dives
38.116 Post borrado @emiliomoron GEMS
39.114 🧱 My First Angry Mob 🔥 Tirana, Albania 🦅 @justinparke Hive Cross Culture !
40.113 Took some profits from them back into HIVE ! @trumpman LeoFinance
41.112 Pointe shoes @mdcomes Cervantes
42.112 Squirrel interrupting a phone call @papilloncharity Amazing Nature
43.110 Terrorist attack in Vienna, I was near the attack site at Schwedenplatz when this happened, heard the gun shots, was able to escape, whew! @vikisecrets Deutsch D-A-CH
44.107 7 factores de trascendencia en HIVE [ESP] // 7 transcendent factors in HIVE [ENG] @fermionico HiveVenezuela
45.104 Drawing My Favorite Hivers Part 1 @manujune PowerHouseCreatives
46.103 USA Elections 2020 @doze Alien Art Hive
47.101 Crypto Brew Master - Наконец то появился маркет!!! @alinalazareva Cryptobrewmaster
48.100 {Eng-Esp} Gratitude challenge Day 17. Learn how to bless your home / Aprende a bendecir tu hogar @soyunasantacruz GEMS
49.97 ALBUM REVIEW: "Positions" - Ariana Grande @wiseagent GEMS
50.96 🎶 Cancionero folclórico de Venezuela 🎶 #08 ( Pajarillo ) - Esp/Eng - María Teresa Chacín - Cuatro Tutorial ( Vlog ) @gaborockstar VDC
51.95 Why News from Syria not Filling Western MSM? Has the Fighting Stopped? @arabisouri #news
52.95 The Men In Black @prayzz BDCommunity
53.94 De paseo por el pueblo El Hatillo / Touring the town around El Hatillo @purrix Haveyoubeenhere
54.93 Some pictures of Butterflies I took this year @florian-glechner Fascinating Insects
55.93 ISLAND GROVE- Abandoned Not Forgotten @deadgrlsuppastar #photography
56.92 mistake. dont vote @lordbutterfly #election
57.90 Melting a few snowflakes before signing off.... @lucylin FreeSpeech
58.87 Memories of the Halloween party in Tokyo (Shibuya) / Wspomnienie imprezy halloweenowej w Tokio (Shibuya) @katiefreespirit #photography
59.85 👶👨👴Jack y su vejez prematura. ☠️💀😵 / 📸🐼Por: @drynemer🎨📸 / 📅🎨Lunes, 02 de Noviembre de 2020📸📅 @drynemer Sketchbook
60.85 Election Day or something like that.....OP/ED @battleaxe #hive
61.84 Exposición de arte, cultura y tradición, por las calles de Tepic, Noviembre 2, 2020. @monster-one hivemexico
62.81 🎵 Hive Open Mic Week 29 - “Yum” [Live Music Highlights] @cabelindsay Hive Open Mic
63.81 BLOGGING CHALLENGE: Day 19 / A Confession!! [EN] // [ES] @fmbs25 GEMS
64.79 Today is Election Day in the USA. Who is better for your Investments ? @offgridlife LeoFinance
65.78 (S)Election 2020: For Those Who Think Biden is the 'Antidote' to Trump... @jasonliberty Informationwar
66.78 Transculturalidad, un proceso de la escritura @nachomolina GEMS
67.76 Selling Art on Hive for $hive or HBD ? @offgridlife OnChainArt
68.75 BLOGGING CHALLENGE: Day 11: Your favorite childhood book / Día 11: Tú libro favorito de la infancia [ESP/ENG] @irvinc GEMS
69.74 Continuing to Power Up. 23.5k Just Yesterday. #blog
70.74 BeeInspired Initiative / Creating a Cartoon Character for my Daughter's Biology Project @hlezama Sketchbook
71.74 Thirsty: Part Five @cleotheclepto ReggaeJAHM
72.72 Splinterlands Battle Analysis – Weak Magic @marianaemilia Splinterlands
73.70 There were some stories left. @ashikstd BDCommunity
74.69 Giving Thanks For Another Day & The People In It. #MOT #APART @dmilliz ReggaeJAHM
75.69 Hola Hive Soy Yo - Hello Hive It's Me @denissemata @denissemata PowerHouseCreatives
76.68 Inktober day 25-28 - Buddy, Hide, Music, Float @insaneworks Sketchbook
77.64 Diario dall'Albania - n. 6 - Facciamo il punto ... cominciando dall'inizio. @garlet Olio di Balena
78.64 The Beauty Of The Poultry Birds 🦃🦃🦃🦃 / Featheredfriends Initiative @mattsanthonyit Feathered Friends
79.63 Mari Kita Lebih Aktif di Sportstalksocial Sports Talk Social
80.63 #Makeupchallenge WEEK 15 #socialglam 🎉💄👠 / Mi maquillaje para fiesta 💄👗 / Innovando con el uso de pestañas postizas. @rubc MakeUp Power
81.63 Picture a day - two of us (he and she) @qwerrie Picture A Day
82.61 Wolf Pack or Sheep Herd? .:. How would you describe your community? @ph1102 The CTP Swarm
83.61 Conociendo el origen del Sándwich @hermandadsteem GEMS
84.60 Bee Part of the Swarm Honey Pot - 03 November 2020 - Open for Entries @russellstockley The CTP Swarm
85.60 Our Indian Food Experience OMG @freedompoint DTube
86.60 Phytopharmacological properties of Mentha spicata specimens (Mint) @lupafilotaxia Natural Medicine
87.56 Initiative #APART and #DASHOUTSUNDAY in the community REGGAEJAHM @josevas217 ReggaeJAHM
88.56 No Middle Ground @zyx066 Deep Dives
89.55 My Actifit Report Card: November 2 2020 @elizabethbit Actifit
90.55 About LEO "Independence" @toofasteddie LeoFinance
91.54 Unkind @wakeupkitty Freewriters
92.51 EVENING WITH THE FAIRY @borjan Fascinating Insects
93.51 Busy Monday With Rain - Actifit: November 2, 2020 @flaxz Actifit
94.50 Universo Poético/Primera Iniciativa / Lo que ves desde tu ventana / Esperanza @evev Poetic Universe
95.50 My Actifit Report Card: November 3 2020 @bucipuci Actifit
96.49 EN AQUEL CAMINO - ON THAT ROAD @willsaldeno Photography Lovers
97.49 Ethereum Outreach and Onboarding Initiative 2 / Earn 400 HIVE + 550 LEO @leofinance LeoFinance
98.48 Homeland excerpts @owdtwobad Photography Lovers
99.48 Deseos @salvinopinos Cervantes
100.48 📓 Вірш Ліни Костенко "Мурашки думають про зиму", я в 4,5 років. / Lina Kostenko's poem "Ants think about winter", I am 4.5 years old. (UA/EN) @ostap.tkachuk Team Ukraine


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