Top 100 Most voted Posts on Hive 2020-11-02

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Here is the Top 100 Most voted Post 2020-11-02

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1. 🥇549 Laberinto de la muerte (Releyendo a Octavio Paz) @josemalavem Literatos
2. 🥈539 Beautiful, Sublime Sunday - Actifit: November 1 2020 @jayna Actifit
3. 🥉493 Groovy Gorolla eh? @stav #technology
4.331 Iniciativa N#4 🎧¡Tag de las canciones! / Tag of the songs!🎧 @sarix GEMS
5.330 Sheriff of the Swamps Chapter 7 @cheah #fiction
6.295 Tejido a crochet #7: Biodiversidad de maíces peruanos / Peruvian Corn Biodiversity @inici-arte NeedleWorkMonday
7.259 Day's End @artbymitrai Sketchbook
8.252 Feedback from the November 1st Hive Power Up Day @hivebuzz #hivebuzz
9.250 Assassinorum: Execution Force @jacobtothe Warhammer
10.241 Leo Whale Report: How Much LEO Is Required For Each Level @taskmaster4450le LeoFinance
11.220 How to Improve the SEO of Your LeoFinance Content with One Simple Trick — And for Every Other Tribe Too @fknmayhem LeoFinance
12.217 Importancia de Mantener tu Empresa #5: HIVE Power Up Day #HPUD: #HiveEsDineroReal @memes777 HiveVenezuela
13.211 Ciudad de Guatire, Etado Miranda-Venezuela 🌿 City of Guatire, Miranda State-Venezuela [ESP_ENG] @carolinacardoza Haveyoubeenhere
14.210 Simón en la juguetería [Cuento] @gabmr Freewriters
15.205 Finally The Truck IS Done And Ready To Go! Just Some Small Details To Finish! @ambiguity PowerHouseCreatives
16.202 Manual de Curaciones en Vivo por Discord @laloretoyya HiveVenezuela
17.197 [Let's play] Frostpunk @rubencress Hive Gaming
18.183 Global Reset: Vote or Die! @edicted LeoFinance
19.179 Simple Forex Support and Resistance Trading Strategy Guide @forexbrokr LeoFinance
20.175 Wonders of the autumn - LMAC #56 @quantumg Let's Make a Collage
21.170 Nov. 1, 20: Slacking, Grocery Shopping, and Games @definethedollar #archon
22.169 WATP #16 Feature - Meet Elvish & Knizalyn a Couple From Badian @whoaretheyph Hive PH
23.168 Interesting Street Art... @moemanmoesly Street Art
24.162 Mushroom Monday - IN THE RICH AND COLORFUL COASTAL ECOSYSTEM - Part Two @borjan Fungi Lovers
25.161 East Cost Love @pradeepdee6 Photography Lovers
26.158 Gingerbread and Glitter @dswigle Feel Good
27.153 NFT art: Aphidragon animation (small file) @insaneworks Alien Art Hive
28.147 ...and if it is not the marketing aspect, what else can we improve? @toofasteddie HODL
29.144 Suddenly, I got a call from my mom saying "your father is no more". @ashikstd BDCommunity
30.137 Thoughts on Hive Communities. @thehive #communities
31.136 First visitor at the bath today! @papilloncharity Feathered Friends
32.133 How To Make Your First Deposit On Blockfi @bryandivisions LeoFinance
34.128 "theinkwell writing challenge / The Unexpected Love strory". @sherylneil The Ink Well
35.126 My Actifit Report Card: November 1 2020 @roger5120 Actifit
36.124 Cryptocurrencies: Unraveling Myths (Part 01). @wiseagent LeoFinance
37.124 Cycling to Protected area Poda 🚴‍♀️ My Actifit Report Card: November 1 2020 @vesytz Actifit
38.121 ¿Por qué enseñar Física desde el punto de vista histórico? @hannymarchan StemSocial
39.121 Stunning Restaurant in Fourways, Johannesburg - South Africa @edenmichelle GEMS
40.120 Hive Top Chef! / Layers - Layered Parmesan Potato & Pumpkin @lizelle Qurator
41.120 Fall Leaves @sjarvie5 #travel
42.113 Hand-poured Silver, part 21 @silversaver888 LeoFinance
43.112 Once Upon A ReggaeJahm. Speculating on the Jahm token @mistakili HODL
44.112 I CANNOT STAY SILENT ANY MORE @farm-mom Politics
45.112 The Weekly Turni- Issue 14 @bdcommunity BDCommunity
46.105 Mushroom Monday - Slow Growers @sketch.and.jam Fungi Lovers
47.104 Billionaire Stanley Drunkenmiller Remains Cautious On Equity Markets Just As The S&P 500 Forms A Double Top @rollandthomas LeoFinance
48.101 Blocknet product enables atomic swaps as a solution to one of DeFi’s big security issues. @shortsegments LeoFinance
49.101 Winners of the 3rd edition of the Hive Music Festival and initiation of the 4th edition We continue in Week #12 - First round. @edwardstobia Live Hive Music
50.99 Upscaling your old video games using emulators @solominer Hive Gaming
51.99 Ecomania - Meet our mobile game @hadrgames Hive Gaming
52.98 Dream Diary - 1/11/20 (Part 1) @platinum-blue #dreams
54.96 Counter Strike: The reference of FPS games - My Experience. [ENG / ESP] @marcoquin Hive Gaming
55.94 DeFi Loses All of Its Gains @cryptographic HODL
56.86 "Safe" with mechanism to insert money / "Caja de seguridad" con mecanismo para insertar dinero @emiliocabrera Build-It
57.85 CTP Talk Wheel of Engagement - 02 November 2020 - This Post CLOSED for Entries @russellstockley The CTP Swarm
58.84 NeedleWorkMonday’s Needlework Your Barbie Contest! @needleworkmonday NeedleWorkMonday
59.84 Merkels Nüchternheit muss uns Trost genug sein @leroy.linientreu #deutsch
60.83 Californias Taxes and Brofund @chronocrypto LeoFinance
61.83 Bee Part of the Swarm Honey Pot - 02 November 2020 - This Post CLOSED for Entries @russellstockley The CTP Swarm
62.83 美丽绿道--建德新安江绿道之江村段 @ffcrossculture HIVE CN 中文社区
63.78 Linda esfera decorativa para navidad - Beautiful decorative sphere for navidad 🌲 @anyelit GEMS
64.78 💙🌸¿Sabes que significa La Catrina?🌸 💀Feliz día de los muertos💀 [ESP-ENG]💙 @malomi hivemexico
65.77 There Is Only One Reason Twitter Dropped After Announcing Earnings @rollandthomas LeoFinance
66.77 Road to 10000 HP: report of October / Obbiettivo 10000 HP: resoconto di Ottobre (ENG/ITA) @libertycrypto27 Olio di Balena
67.77 Milestone: 40 M Sports Power Sports Talk Social
68.76 Weekly Review: 1st November 2020 - A holistic view (ie a bit of everything) @dannewton LeoFinance
69.75 Changes to how VIMM publishes live streams on Hive @vimm VIMM
70.71 Un momento para relajarnos - Infusion de Manzanilla / Reto 20 dias cocinando con Mariale07 @mariale07 Foodies Bee Hive
71.71 Championsleage Kicktipp Game: Die 3.Runde wartet!! Pricepool: 250 Hive! ⚽️ ⚽️ ⚽️ @reiseamateur HIVE Soccer Cup
72.70 @aggroed announced a new NFT/DeFi Farming game: Farm Farmer Farm (Alpha) 🔥 @vikisecrets LeoFinance
73.68 Rare Find: 100 Tiny Silver Bars! @drutter LeoFinance
74.68 Gli occhiali del diavolo - 4° parte @mad-runner Olio di Balena
75.65 Remember Where You Came From @phusionphil Heavy Metal
76.64 Koinos Distribution Report [01.11.2020] @bluerobo LeoFinance
77.64 My Needlework Monday: Cross-stitching For The Holiday Season __ by @needleworkmonday @sarimanok NeedleWorkMonday
78.63 My Actifit Report Card: November 1 2020 @silvertop Actifit
79.62 LEO Roundtable #26: CBDCs, Earning Interest on Bitcoin and Where is Hive Going? @khaleelkazi LeoFinance
80.60 I know what you did last Halloween. Let's Make a Collage - 🎃 Halloween Special 👻🧙‍♀️ - Round 56 - ✨ @adncabrera Let's Make a Collage
81.59 IMPOSSIBILITY / The Dream Killer @eniola1990 Project HOPE
82.54 Unusual Options In Xpeng @rollandthomas LeoFinance
83.54 HIVE Ghost Wheel Spin - 02 november 2020 - This Post CLOSED For Entries @hiveghost The CTP Swarm
84.53 El Nombre de mi blog , día 1 del desafío /Esp-Eng/ The Name of my blog, day 1 of the challenge @felixmarranz PowerHouseCreatives
85.52 Introducing our Community Builders Team! @needleworkmonday NeedleWorkMonday
86.50 Rainy Sunday And A New Month - Actifit: November 1, 2020 @flaxz Actifit
87.50 Tokenized Art: The Mischievous Jack [EN/ES] @dracrow OnChainArt
88.49 Fishing for the bottom? You will have to wait! @bearbear613 LeoFinance
89.49 MORENA DE OJOS VERDES - GREEN EYES BRUNETTE @willsaldeno Photography Lovers
90.47 Y después de las flores, viene el vainero / El matrimonio @mafalda2018 GEMS
91.47 Juventus Still Thinking Ronaldo Will Help Them Win Champions League? @tosyne2much Sports Talk Social
92.46 Own your story and love yourself. @ejemai OCD
93.46 IAmAliveChallenge / Sunday: Dreams and Memories. @marinmex GEMS
94.45 [ESP-ENG] ¡Disfrutando Halloween en Familia! / Enjoying Halloween with the Family!🎃🧙 @yiobri GEMS
95.45 Recycling Tip - People Foolishly Toss Loaded Gift Cards @steemmatt ecoTrain
96.45 Algo apesta @emmatortolero Literatos
97.44 Parque El Calvario en Caracas la Sucursal del Cielo / El Calvario Park in Caracas la Sucursal del Cielo @belkisa758 Haveyoubeenhere
98.44 El Matrimonio Igualitario @eliorrios R2cornell
99.43 What are your moon tickets? @trumpman LeoFinance
100.43 Los Diez Mandamientos, Ley de Dios , Ley de Vida/The Alliance @oizaguirres #spanish


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