Top 100 Most voted Posts on Hive 2020-10-31

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Here is the Top 100 Most voted Post 2020-10-31

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1.733 THE JOKER / Pixelart Contest Halloween @zhoten Pixelart
2.389 theinkwell writing challenge is lame @lacking #theinkwell
3.308 Volatility: Enemy or Friend? @azircon LeoFinance
4.258 Everything from Wild Mountain Soap Company smells amazing @daltono Natural Medicine
6.209 Covid1984: Global Vaccination / Bill Gates Exposed (A Documentary) @jasonliberty Deep Dives
7.209 Aprende a usar las funciones estadísticas de tu calculadora científica @acont StemSocial
8.208 It's Saturday 31st October 2020. Drop A Link to An undervalued Post for Chance of Resteem upvote And tweet (or Leave Me A Comment And I'll Check Out Your Blog) PowerHouseCreatives
9.206 Dragonfly time again! @papilloncharity Amazing Nature
10.200 Gedanken zu Kultur, Identität, Loyalität. @jaki01 #deutsch
11.187 MAKING A FALL TABLE CENTER PIECE @brittandjosie PowerHouseCreatives
12.185 Splinterlands Challenge of the Week: SilverShield Sheriff @revisesociology Splinterlands
13.185 🎃Makeup & Horror Storytime:🐍✨Dimension violation @desireeart MakeUp Power
14.151 Halloween Chess Tournament - The winner is the Shaman @schamangerbert The Chess Community
15.147 [ESP][ENG] Echo Night - A forgotten horror video game / Un videojuego de terror olvidado @gabox Hive Gaming
16.126 What does Pinmapple mean to me? @sjarvie5 #pinmapplethousand
17.125 Providing Metamask Users An Easy Option To Cash Out Directly Into ETH May Not Bode Well For The Price Of LEO @markkujantunen LeoFinance
18.120 Más allá del bien y el mal/Participación en el Concurso Hivelloween: La fiesta maldita @acostacazorla The Talent Club
19.118 Content Content Content @dandays #outofthinair
20.118 Challenge: Tribute to the Community (Needleworkmonday) - Reto: Homenaje a la Comunidad (Needleworkmonday)" [ESP/ENG] @carolinacardoza Loving HIVE ❤
21.116 Czarci krąg @bowess #engrave
22.114 They Actually Arrived Safely / New Poultry Birds @mattsanthonyit Agricultural Mindset
23.113 What do you do? @onealfa LeoFinance
24.111 Adventure of a lifetime / Monomad @gohenry Black And White
25.110 Filtering of operations returned by the get_account_history API call. @miniature-tiger HiveDevs
26.108 The last show of the circus ... / La última función del circo... MONOMAD - October 30th @omonteleone Black And White
27.103 Building a Community .:. Who is building it? @ph1102 GEMS
28.103 Receta De Pollo Salteado Con Vegetales/Chicken Sauteed with Vegetables Recipe @marytp20 GEMS
29.102 Welcome to The Weekly Communities Showcase 🐟 @minnowsupport Palnet
30.98 The Censorship War Is REAL: Pre-Election Mayhem @rok-sivante OCD
31.97 The last days of an Italian trip @martibis Haveyoubeenhere
32.89 the boards are bleeding! @jnetsworld #society
33.88 ¡Hola! ¿Ya conociste a ...? Introducciones para el Viernes 30 de Octubre de 2020 @heyhaveyamet #heyhaveyamet
34.86 BP - kommt es zur Kursvervielfachung in den kommenden 30 Jahren? @indextrader24 Trading Lounge
35.80 #silverpornsaturday : My Monarch Precious Metals Halloween Stack @kerrislravenhill LeoFinance
36.79 Starter kit for new silver stackers (or old too) 4 ounce. @tbnfl4sun LeoFinance
37.77 🎶 Cancionero folclórico de Venezuela 🎶 #05 ( Me gusta soñar ) - Esp/Eng - Carlos Moreán & María Teresa Chacín - Cuatro Tutorial ( Vlog ) @gaborockstar HiveVenezuela
38.72 Festival de la música folclórica venezolana 🇻🇪 Semana número 8 - Concierto en la llanura🤠 por @diosmarymaiz1 @diosmarymaiz1 VDC
39.72 Another one gone: RIP Sean Connery [Eng/Ger] @muscara Deutsch D-A-CH
40.69 Consider the Good Aspects / Thoughtful Saturday @hafizullah PowerHouseCreatives
41.64 Silver Porn Saturday..... @silverd510 LeoFinance
42.60 Weekend-engagement week 21: let's talk about food @jizzyjoe Engage the weekend
43.59 The Free Voluntarist Team Fully Supports The Legalization of Cannabis @freevoluntarist #weedcash
44.58 👰👰👰 The bride of the old road of La Guaira.👰👰👰 Horror stories 👻 [ESP-ENG] @malomi GEMS
45.56 Cryptocurrency Is Not About Riches But Opportunity @whatageek LeoFinance
46.55 五個夢 @winniex HIVE CN 中文社区
47.54 Rising Star - Purchased a pack after a long time @bala41288 The City of Neoxian
48.54 PONZI coin now worth $243 Million on Hive-Engine ? @offgridlife LeoFinance
49.52 What Do You Need To Focus On? @rezoanulvibes Threespeak
50.52 Gravel (snow) rally show in January is next event for us @ssekulji Rally community
51.51 Rutina Diaria #483 Fretboard Freedom Abm Voz 1 2 3 4 Y Arpegio Abm7 Guitar Log @erick1 DTube
52.50 #HALLOWEENMAKEUP N°6🎃💄 / Maquillaje inspirado en payasos terroríficos🎃 / Edición número 6 #especialdehalloween.🎃 @rubc MakeUp Power
53.50 The First US Bitcoin ETF Is Here...It's Called Microstrategy @rollandthomas LeoFinance
54.48 Cooking Vlog / Crisp GUJIYAS At Home :) / @prettyberry #Let'sCook @prettyberry Threespeak
55.46 📝 [ESP] / [ENG] — BLOGGING CHALLENGE - Día #8: 5 metas actuales / Day #8: 5 current goals. @maryed GEMS
56.46 Harapan Merebut Puncak Klasemen Sports Talk Social
57.46 El séptimo día / Concurso de Microrrelato de Hispapro @eliezerfloyd Literatos
58.44 Golden hour: Autumn in Krakow, Poland @liltammy Haveyoubeenhere
59.44 Retours à vélo semaine du 26 Octobre 2020 @orlandumike Photography
60.44 8'000 Hive Milestone achieved! some thoughts @ivansnz LeoFinance
61.43 Poetas y sus lindos Poemas / Volumen #2 / @jhoxiris @hispapro #spanish
62.42 Table Tennis: Winning first medal @tomlee Sports Talk Social
63.41 Jardín encantado @delvallepinate GEMS
64.41 Festival de Música Folclórica Week 08 cover de Margarita by @mariajruizb @mariajruizb VDC
65.41 Verizon: Using Blockchain For Transparency @taskmaster4450 Threespeak
66.41 Poeta virtual @yuma08 Cervantes
67.40 Festival de la Música Folclórica - Semana # 8 “Ella Fue - Julio Miranda” / Folkloric Music Festival - Week # 8 @gaborockstar VDC
68.38 Hive nachkaufen? @hatoto #hive
69.38 We're Up Against An Alien Agenda @fulltimegeek Threespeak
70.38 We're Planning Our First EVER YouTube Livestream!! @sustainablyyours #palnet
71.34 Halloween Contest - The Talent Club / El dulce y el truco de Pancho Malacara @oacevedo The Talent Club
72.32 🦷 TEETH 🦷 DÍA OCHO (08) DEL INKTOBER 2020 - Dibujo en tradicional OnChainArt
73.32 Hive Blog Posting Month (aka HiveBloPoMo) starts November 1st 2020! @traciyork #hiveblopomo
74.30 Apple's Stock Reaction to Earnings Shows Sentiment Has Changed @scaredycatguide LeoFinance
75.30 The dream of a gallero, and the sentence of a meeting... El sueño de un gallero, y la sentencia de un encuentro... @omonteleone Picture A Day
76.28 The First DYGYCON Virtual Event has been Postponed @splinterlands #splinterlands
77.28 Is There Health For The Body From The Spicy Food We Consume? @dwiitavita GEMS
78.28 Spend Less and Live Better @millycf1976 PowerHouseCreatives
79.28 나의 액티핏 리포트 카드 10월 31 2020 @airforce Actifit
80.27 BLURT Now Trading On Stex @trumpman LeoFinance
81.27 HAL 9000 - der HALLERO kommt... @indextrader24 Deutsch D-A-CH
82.27 Mystery Potions Rewards: 31-10-2020 @splinterstats #splinterlands
83.27 Second thoughts about buying a tract of land @revise.leo LeoFinance
84.24 Leistenklippe @mflegerbein #deutsch
85.24 My Actifit Report Card: October 31 2020 @cocukgelisimi Actifit
86.24 All activity is from walking with a broken phone - My Actifit Report Card: October 30 2020 @runridefly Actifit
87.24 Approaching $100 from SPORTS Curation Rewards in October 2020 @uyobong LeoFinance
88.23 The ETF, LIT (Lithium & Battery Tech ETF) Is A Terrific Derivative Play On The EV Movement @rollandthomas LeoFinance
89.23 Saturdays deep meandering....Does having a small penis make you bad in bed? @lucylin OCD
90.23 Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! @splinterlands #splinterlands
91.23 Rust and Repair life saving abilities @xawi BDCommunity
92.23 Ryan Sheckler @delegate4upvot SkateHive
93.22 #MakeupChallenge Especial HALLOWEEN / "Feliz Día" @corimarstorys MakeUp Power
94.22 Leofinance: the Borg of Financial Blogging @shortsegments LeoFinance
95.21 Hive Music Festival, Week 11, Round 4 / Burn - Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hamilton. @manujune HIVESICIANS
96.20 Feminism: RIP Sean Connery @edicted LeoFinance
97.20 Tokenized Art on MakersPlace: Happy Halloween from Zelda the Creepy Doll! @isaria OnChainArt
98.20 pre-alpha is live @aggroed #farmfarmer
99.19 JUWELIS Digital Systems AG - Interview mit CEO Erwin Dokter @denniskoray #juwelis
100.19 Gadget Prize Draw Round #18 Winner 13+ HIVE. Round #19 Kicks Off. Actifit Weekly Staff Picks #61. @actifit Actifit


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