Top 100 Most voted Posts on Hive 2020-10-29

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Here is the Top 100 Most voted Post 2020-10-29

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1.431 Writing Tip of the Week #29: What Does It Take to Be a Fiction Writer? @theinkwell The Ink Well
2.379 Mad Max: Apocalyptic success made into a video game. [ENG / ESP] @marcoquin Hive Gaming
3.360 New Music: Fulcrum @gribbles Music
4.236 Fire near the library! @jacobtothe OCD
5.222 Trick or Treat - Share your scariest story and get your Halloween badge @hivebuzz #halloween
6.205 Logo Design Process - UW Media Picker @chimzycash Sketchbook
7.195 Auto-play for Rabona @emrebeyler #rabona
8.193 You Are What You Eat - A holistic approach to wellness / MIND & BODY @millycf1976 Natural Medicine
9.192 ✏️ Sketch of Girl – 27 @zilustras Sketchbook
10.155 Interesting Street Art... @moemanmoesly Street Art
11.151 Hive Open Mic Week 29 - Siempre será siempre (Cover) @ylich Music
12.142 Inkompetenz oder Verschwörung? @leroy.linientreu #deutsch
13.135 Mir ging grad die Hutschnur hoch.. @jeyf123 #deutsch
14.133 押金?返利?终身VIP?甭幻想了。。。 @rivalhw HIVE CN 中文社区
15.133 30 DAY BLOG CHALLENGE #7: My five fav songs @roadstories OCD
16.123 Autumn watercolor sketches. Halloween dessert @daring-celt OnChainArt
17.119 How to get your desired username in Dtube ? @dtube #account
18.111 Hive Statistics – 2020.10.28 @arcange Hive Statistics
19.111 Easy Riches On Torum - Free 100 $ - Register Now !!! @trumpman LeoFinance
20.110 🎶 Cancionero folclórico de Venezuela 🎶 #03 ( Pasillanenado ) - Esp/Eng - María Teresa Chacín - Cuatro Tutorial ( Vlog ) @gaborockstar VDC
21.103 Hoy hicimos unas deliciosas arepas de pollo.-Today we made some delicious arepas. @denissemata GEMS
22.100 Are You Day Trading Bitcoin? Where's Your Next Entry? @forexbrokr LeoFinance
23.97 Don’t vote. Mistake @kaminchan Haveyoubeenhere
24.94 Fitometabolitos de acción embriotóxica y abortiva @lupafilotaxia StemSocial
25.93 Wandelbos Groenedaal: how autum can be so beautiful? @helgalubevi Haveyoubeenhere
26.85 Are The US Equity Markets Done Selling Off??? @rollandthomas LeoFinance
27.83 Making THC cartridges step by step. @chubb149 #canna-currate
28.80 # RetoTop5 Semana 32 - ¡Algo que Compartir! 5 sonidos favoritos @nathyortiz La radio
29.76 The Wolf of Snow Hollow (6.5/10) - "Oh my god! What is this?! 11 new emails on this thing this morning... Jesus Christ, this is worse than my birthday..." @dedicatedguy Movies & TV Shows
30.74 A Corner Of City After Storm Molave @trangbaby HIVE Vietnam
31.72 Bitcoin stuck in mempool - huge transaction volume - (update-got it through) @trumpikas LeoFinance
32.72 Apoyando el arte #543 – Supporting art #543 @celfmagazine #celfmagazine
33.70 More musings on Positivity @edouard #naturalmedicine
34.70 HOME @eniola1990 HeartChurch
36.64 Do I need techniques to manifest @ultravioletmag ecoTrain
37.63 Europa League Betting Previews / AA Gent - Antwerp - Standard @costanza #news
38.61 [ESP-ENG] Como hacer una bolsa para dulces de halloween / Tutorial paso a paso/ How to make a bag for Halloween candy / Step by step tutorial. @mariajcastro28 GEMS
39.61 My Actifit Report Card: October 29 2020 Actifit
40.58 My Actifit Report Card: October 28 2020 @elizabethbit Actifit
41.57 Ceiba Murals Mexico - Photography 🇲🇽 @mballesteros Photography Lovers
42.57 They Call Me pointonealfa @nealmcspadden LeoFinance
43.56 Stamps - History of Russian Trains - First Russian Steam locomotive Cherepanovs 1833-1834 - USSR 1978 - Michel 4715 - my hobby @barski LeoFinance
44.55 Buy Beats With JAHM, HIVE & HBD @dmilliz ReggaeJAHM
45.54 Salud Mental, desafío en primera persona /ESP-ING / Mental Health, first-person challenge @felixmarranz Natural Medicine
46.50 Hive-Statistik – 2020.10.28 @arcange-de #deutsch
47.50 Phill from GCHQ - page 94 - Schizophrenia @katharsisdrill COMIC BOOKS fan/pro
48.50 BREAKING NEWS: Decapitation in the French Church! @lighteye Deep Dives
49.48 Amazing Nature Community: landscape – special – Crystals @hive-127788 Amazing Nature
50.48 Traditional jazz: “Heebie Jeebies” @fjcalduch HIVESICIANS
51.46 My Actifit Report Card: October 28 2020 @silvertop Actifit
52.46 Shiny中导入可以互动的网络图 @jywahaha HIVE CN 中文社区
53.44 7 días - 7 razones para agradecer a HIVE ❤ Día 7: Por hacer comunidad / 7 Days - 7 reasons to thank HIVE ❤ - Day 7: For making community [ESP-ING] @karolines Loving HIVE ❤
54.44 Mes de concursos de Microrrelatos de Terror / Pesadilla hecha Realidad @kismeri Literatos
55.42 Is the FUTURE just a fallacy? apparently some "physical" evidences hints that it is! @por500bolos GEMS
56.40 Luca creciente @mariu.espinoza R2cornell
57.40 Halloween Has But One Casanova, Photography, Poetry, Reading and Blog @prydefoltz PowerHouseCreatives
58.39 Crips And Bloods! Crips And Bloods! Cast Your Vote For Your Favorite Thug!! @dandays #outofthinair
59.37 Celebrating the new Exxp WordPress to Hive Plugin with a GIF Reaction Contest! @traciyork #exxp
60.36 What Not To Expect In A Fight For Self Defense @rezoanulvibes Sports Talk Social
61.36 HiveTips and HivePatron Update💪 @fullalt FullAlt
62.36 智白组合占梦殿堂:东西的梦境单元四十二 @wilhb81 HIVE CN 中文社区
63.34 A Personal Eden in Costa Rica @sallybeth23 ecoTrain
64.34 Forgotten Memories—gameplay fiction Pt-12 / Blood Locker @badfinger Hive Gaming
65.32 How Can You Avoid Distractions While Working Out At Home? @rezoanulvibes GEMS
66.28 Windy Wednesday With A Walk In The Park - Actifit: October 28, 2020 @flaxz Actifit
67.28 THE WASH ...DAILY with Joey SLLiks CANNABIS NEWS REPORT Harris confirms that Biden is anti cannabis @joeyslliks WeedCash Network
68.27 나의 액티핏 리포트 카드 10월 29 2020 @airforce Actifit
69.27 Hive Music Festival week 11, Cuarta Ronda Cover "Hoy" by @mariajruizb @mariajruizb Live Hive Music
70.27 My Actifit Report Card: October 28 2020 @roger5120 Actifit
71.26 Parasol mushrooms - one of the most beautiful and largest mushrooms I've ever seen, and also delicious. You can make chops from it :) / Kania - jeden z najpiękniejszych i największych grzybów jakie widziałam. Pyszny. Można z niego robić kotlety :) @katiefreespirit Amazing Nature
72.25 DIY Paper Matting on Empty Tin Cans Kids Would Enjoy Working On @sarimanok Build-It
73.25 The Forex Markets Are Great For Beginning Traders - Part 2 @rollandthomas LeoFinance
74.24 Photography on excellent nature at Morning with great actifit reports @simaroy Actifit
75.23 +10,000 Sports Sent To Null. We Need More Upvote. @sportsburn Sports Talk Social
76.23 How Many $BTC Are There Per Person? @nealmcspadden LeoFinance
78.22 Happy week with Renault Clio and MG5 and some cool purchases @planetauto Planetauto
79.22 Momentos felices que nos regala la vida / Mi espacio íntimo @mafalda2018 GEMS
80.21 Engagements — the Embodiment of Upwardness for All the Hivers @martinstomisin PowerHouseCreatives
81.21 Avanti Crypto Bank is granted banking charter in Wyoming! @jrcornel LeoFinance
82.21 Tokenized Art on MakersPlace: aLi eN @isaria OnChainArt
83.20 Monster Burner Post 180 - October 30 2020 @monster-burner #splinterlands
84.20 Talking Points Ahead Of Imola @cryptoandcoffee Sports Talk Social
85.20 My Actifit Report Card: October 29 2020 @grandjury Actifit
86.19 DFA Students Soccer Stretching @dfacademy DTube
87.19 Get To Know Tim Draper, He's A Player In The Crypto Space @rollandthomas LeoFinance
88.18 SPInvest: Always Seeking Opportunities @spinvest #spinvest
89.18 How Many Studies Have Been Published to Discredit Science Uncorrelated with the Story of the Great Flood @phusionphil Deep Dives
90.18 Decentralized Data: Blockchain As The Back End @taskmaster4450 Threespeak
91.18 wLEO 2.0 goes live on Nov. 10th! @jrcornel LeoFinance
92.17 Data hacking privacy @tarazkp OCD
93.17 How To Deal With Time-Wasters .:. and how to get over that @ph1102 The CTP Swarm
94.16 # RetoTop5 Semana 32 - ¡Algo que Compartir! 5 sonidos favoritos . @leslieebano La radio
95.16 Confiado en el Padre @hermandadsteem GEMS
96.16 INITIATIVE #MakeupChallenge WEEK 14 / HALLOWEEN / En tonos Neon @corimarstorys MakeUp Power
97.16 Spanish and English: Jugando Factorio parte 2 / Playing Factorio part 2 @eiden-experience GEMS
99.16 Vlog #2- I spent 2days in heaven!! @soufiani DTube
100.16 Mystery Potions Rewards: 29-10-2020 @splinterstats #splinterlands


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