Hive Analytics (Rep Filter & User Analysis)

V2.0 is beginning to come together and be useful!

Reputation Analysis

Today I added in a Reputation Filter which can be used to drill down into which accounts have a rep in a range.
Screenshot from 2021-05-14 12-13-39.png

  • The surprising thing to me is the number of accounts with a Rep Greater than 25. It's just 263k. This tells me most of the accounts on Hive don't post. (Your rep increases as you post and get votes).

This is one I want to dig into some more.

User Analysis

One of the best parts of HiveAnalytics V1.0 was the ability to drill down into a users profile and see their full history in one Graph. I have added this functionality to V2.0 now (but using data from Hive SQL)

Screenshot from 2021-05-14 12-09-09.png

Drill Down

You can also drill down into the posting list for the selected user.

Screenshot from 2021-05-14 12-11-01.png

I find this feature very useful to find posts. Today I was looking for a bit of background on Leo Finance and wanted to find the first post about it.
I selected the user @khaleelkazi and searched for leo.

Thats all for today but, Ill be adding more features soon. Next on my list is to add in the Tags Visualisation for a users posting history.

What would you like to see added?

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