Phytopthera prooves Organic farming must change to survive

Dear Hivers,

Many of us have the potatoe as basic food either as potatoe (cooked) or as chips or mashed etc. It is the rice of the West.


Yesterday in my country there was news that 80% of the potatoe crop of organic farmers is at risk due to Phytophtera (a fungus).

You must know that the fungus is in the plant already and developes in the leaves when the weather is humid and cold after which the potatoes are also infected quickly unless you remove the leaves.

Removing the leaves early will give you small potatoes though. Hence, unless you used (non organic) protection you loose due to uneatable potatoes or you have a smaller crop.

In 2021 in Europe this leads to 80% loss but only in the organic farms.


I myself also noticed the leaves of my potatoes are getting brown and the fungus is there! The month of May and June were so bad!
The tomatoes in the green houses we also have to keep an eye on!
Here humidity causes the same thing.

Picture from internet:

Can organic farming feed the world?

The answer is easy. We cannot afford to loose 80% of crops when we go all organic. Imagine that the same crop loss of 80% happens to rice and grains and on a large scale. We will have starvation again as we had before due to crop deseases. Even mechanization cannot save us for that.


Nature itself protects against fungi and other plagues and from that we can learn (and already know) how to fight them ourselves. But at this moment even copied techniques from nature are often not allowed in organic farming. Same is true for producing in anything else than soil. That is not allowed. I understand why (nature = soil with soil life) but why not have an organic version of (raised) RockWool production.

It is just keeping the bad guys out!

Or am I just frustrated with all the hard work leading to nothing this year?


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