Back from Holiday

Dear SGS members,

In this second corona year we succeeded to make a great holiday again which could only occur due to the fact we were both fully vaccinated.

As said we went to Austria:

In Austria every restaurant and hotel asks for 3G :

  • geimpft (vaccinated)
  • genesen ( healed)
  • getested (tested)

Normally I woudl not vaccinate but I like traveling too much so.....

We started in the Otztal for a week and had great weather to start ealks form the gletsjers where he free buss takes you. This way you can keep walking at a height of 2500 meters.

The lamborghini was not mine!


Next week after a ride to the Lungau was bike trip to Slovenia border in 6 days while our luggage was transported for us each day.

A tour long the river Mur


A shuttel takes you back to starting hotel after 6 days.

The last few days we again transfered 100 km to the picturesque Worthersee near Villach.

Here we spent soem days at te pool doing nothing but sunbathe and have soem Schnitzels.


Pictures taken with my Huawei.

Good to be back

Did I miss anything big ???

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