Splinterlands - Going to The MOON (Weekly Post)


In a week the demand for Splinterlands assets only appears to increase. The price of cards are going parabolic.Whether it is DEC, cards, land plots, booster packs and other assets that could be traded it is increasing in value by the day. No idea of a top is near but I am thrilled to see the high demand after all these years of waiting on Splinterlands to make its mark.


Can Not Tame the Untamed Packs


Last week I sold about a dozen Untamed boosters at 14 Hives each thinking that was a decent sale, but in less than a week it has been bought up to over 24 Hives a pack. Almost double in value and we are talking just unopened Untamed booster packs.

Plot of Land 5x!


A single plot has now reached over 300 Hive at Hive-Engine which is literally more than double of last weeks prices. For those who had bought Plots during time of discount their returns are more than 5x. Yet even those who have bought plots at regular prices are also up as even now highest bid for a plot is above 180 Hives!

DEC Exceeding Parity


DEC currently has market trade value of $0.0015 which is more than 50% from its parity. With very few options of items to purchase on Splinterlands it appears a lot of players are buying DEC to trade for cards in the open market and potentially saving it for the upcoming SPS aircroips.


There is no stopping the current parabolic move and I hope it continues as players like myself who have stood by Splinterlands for years is now reaping on the rewards. I have yet to truly get involved in the new card rental market but wish to do so soon to earn DEC passive income. For now I am thrilled to see my total card collection almost 3x from where it was a year ago.


It is nothing to brag about as I barely crack the $10k figure while top ten Splinterlands holders each over $200k of cards. Well deserve for them but I hope all our collections continue to grow in value. Everything is looking great in the world of Splinterlands.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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