Splinterlands is an eSports #1

Today, my first splinterlands tournament was completed. My goal is exposing good players and generally award winners through different ways than just DEC prizes.

Splinterlands is an eSports

Tournament results

The top 4 accounts got 250 dec each. Check out the tournament in detail at this link.

Additionally, The top 4 players of this tournament are going to get 100% of the liquid payout value from this post in DEC.

  • 1st place - 50%
  • 2nd place - 25%
  • 3rd place - 20%
  • 4th place - 5%

Splinterlands is an eSports

However, this extra reward will go to players handpicked by me. I'll avoid choosing accounts very apparently being played by the same person, botted accounts, etc.

I will also favor accounts with steem activity so that the steem they doesn't get ignored because the person potentially never checks theit steem wallet.


The players who will get this extra award, in respective order from 1st to 4th, are:

  • @o1oo1o11, making great use of Selenia Sky and Failed summoner to squash a Ruler of the Seas.
  • @scaccomatto, displaying how fierce high mana magic monsters can be in bronze.
  • @foxconnmars / @foxm, master of flying rounds.
  • @j6969, the dragon of long rounds.

You guys will get the whole liquid payout from this post.

Thanks everyone for playing and I'll see you in the next tournament!
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