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October 11, 2021 Morning Edition: Royals News Roundup

This is your Royals Stats, News, Rumors, and Commentary Roundup for the Morning of October 11, 2021.

A Look at Royals Pitchers Last Week

Jackson Kowar

Jackson Kowar has a record of 0-1 this past week and a 11.25 ERA. As a starting pitcher, he has 1 starting appearance this week.
This past week, he has been ringing up hitters with 13.50 strikeouts per 9 innings. He has yielded a 0.4 BABIP this week. Hitters are hitting .294 against him this past week. Hitters are swinging at his pitches that are out of the strike zone 21.4% of the time. He has a low strike zone swing rate, it is 81.8% and this means that hitters are looking at pitches in the strike zone, he is painting the corners well.

Now onto the News, Rumors, and Commentary…

“There isn’t much, if any, room in the KC Royals’ infield for Lucius Fox. Fox won’t beat out any of them. Fox will probably start next season there, unless Kansas City trades him this offseason. And a trade might give Fox his best shot at the majors.”

Above is the summary of: KC Royals: Why late surge may not help this infielder… tap or click to check out the full article.

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