De Tour de France has started - and what a dramatic start


Imagine you have been training for months for the great moment. Then saturday morning the circus starts again. The tour de France! The largest annual sport spectacle in the world with hundreds of millions viewers.

And than this woman f**cks up the whole race and causes a mass fall in the peloton.


So what did she do?

Without taking care of the riders she stepped on the road with a cardboard sign saying hello to grandpa and ma!
Toni Martin could not control his bike fell and caused a mass fall. One rider had to quit others were seriously wounded and many lost minutes in the General Classification already.

As I am participating in a tourpool she also influenced that pool. I hate her!


The modern times where selfies are the most important thing ruins the race!

PLease watch the riders, do not run along and do not take selfies or whatever!

WIll it help ? I do not think so. Stupid people are all around us.

enjoy the rest of the tour

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