What is your choice for AZMARE DICE? Open or hold it?

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Hi everyone, welcome to my first post. I'm a new user here and will try to provide content regarding splinterlands. I hope to get support and I hope my content gives good things to the readers. Now, onto the content!

What is your experience with azmare dice?
This is my experience opening dice. since playing in April, I only had time to buy 1 piece of dice at that time. when I bought it, it was still 3000 DEC. And at that time I was able to buy DICE, with the DEC I collected from winning battles.

When opening the dice at that time, I just wanted to increase the number of my card collection, and spend the potions I got from the battle. After opening the contents, this is the card I got.

You can also see the moment the card opens. I put it on my Youtube Channel. really thrilling for me and the results exhilarate me. 😅

So I asked.
Will opening dice always be like this? got a good card (in my opinion). Or
maybe it was just luck getting a legendary card at the first chance? because I collected a lot of potions before I opened them.

I checked, the dice purchase at the splinterlands shop has run out. No more chance to buy dice for 3000 DEC.
dice empty.jpg

Dammn. really lucky, players who used to have the opportunity to buy a lot of dice.

I see we can still buy dice on hive engine. but the price for 1 dice has now increased considerably.
dice in hive engine.jpg
now in the range of USD 45 or 4500 DEC equivalent to the current market value.

But the big question is,
is it more profitable to buy a dice and then keep it? look at the graph the price has continued to increase since April.

Or buy a dice and open it.
but the possibility of the card obtained can get results as I posted. (if you calculate the caladum value in the range of 70 USD, and the other 2 epic cards are worth 12 USD) or get a row of common cards? whose value is lower than the purchase price of the dice?

It seems to be the final choice for each player. The hope is that in the dice there are still many unopened legendary cards.

Just wait.

After checking peakmonster, player growth continues to grow.
It means :The more demand, the higher the price. And this is hope for you to buy dice and keep it

The final word

Of course this is a consideration for every dice owner out there, whether to keep it or sell it to a new player.

  • And there are still many shortcomings in making this post. Hopefully the tagging in this article is appropriate. I'm confused to find the right writing guide on splintertalks 🥺
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