Scheduled Maintenance for Scaling Updates

We just wanted to give everyone a quick heads-up that Splinterlands is planning to be down for scheduled maintenance tomorrow, Wednesday, August 11th, at approximately 1 PM ET / 17:00 UTC to implement the scaling changes described in the following post from last week:


We are not exactly sure how long the downtime should last but we hope that it will not be very long and that the player experience will be significantly improved once it is completed.

While we have done a significant amount of testing on these changes on our development and test environments, they cannot always identify every issue that may arise in the live environment with tens of thousands of players. In the event that there are any issues with the update we will work on getting them resolved as quickly as possible.

We hope to see an ever increasing number of players in the Splinterlands as the crypto gaming space goes along its parabolic trajectory. These updates are a keystone to unlocking unprecedented growth. Thanks for your patience and support as we work through these adjustments.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.

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