Guild Brawls Phase 2 Release (TODAY) & Other Updates

The development and testing of phase 2 of the guild brawls system has been complete for some time now, and after reviewing our release schedule and the current guild brawl schedule we've decided that we will be releasing phase 2 TODAY - August, 26th, 2021, shortly after the end of the currently running guild brawl.

We expect the release to happen around 5 - 6 PM ET / 21:00 - 22:00 UTC and it may require a short downtime as everything is updated.

Guild brawls phase 2 is a MAJOR update to the guild brawls system, and you can find all of the juicy details in the following deep dive posts by Splinterlands team member and guild brawls developer - @cryptomancer:

Please note that the SPS rewards for guild brawls will not be included as part of this update, but we expect that they will be added in the near future along with SPS rewards for tournaments and ranked battle wins.

We also want to thank all of the Monster Mavericks who helped with the testing of the guild brawls update on the QA server. Testers should receive their reward Merits in their account once the guild brawls phase 2 release is completed.

Season End Reward Update & Cooldown Reduction Timing

The update to card cooldown times and related update to how season end loot chest rewards are calculated (originally announced in this post: /@splinterlands/sps-staking-and-other-splinterlands-updates) is now planned to go into effect starting with the next ranked play season that starts on August 31st.

This means that the season end rewards will still be calculated based on the highest league achieved during the season for the current season, and starting at the end of the next season (ending on Sept 15th, 2021) it will change to be calculated based on your league when the season ends, regardless of what higher leagues you may have achieved during the course of the season.

Please note that the end of season rating reset has been, and will remain based on the league at the time of the season end and is not changing as a result of this update. This change only applies to the number of loot chests received as season rewards.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.

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