Maximizing your Rental Income with Peakmonsters

Yesterday, I posted Splinterlands- Maximizing your deck with 3 short videos about Combining, Renting and Selling your cards.

Today, I did a couple more videos on Maximizing your Rental Income.


@Peakmonsters is an awesome interface that allows you to combine, rent and sell your cards fast and easy. It also has other great tools one of which is the check rental market column which I am highlighting in this post.

When you are in bulk view you can click on check rental market and add a column which shows what the current rental rate is.

Check Rental Market- Delegated Yes

When you click Delegated yes and sort by the green arrow you will see the percentage you are under the current market rate.

Then you want to investigate if you should stop renting so you can list them at a more competitive rate.

Check Rental Market- Delegated No

With Delegated no you want to sort by the red arrow and see how much you are over the current market rate and adjust your cards accordingly. You can use the change price option to see other listed prices.

Note: Sometimes there are "one offs" that are listed that throw off the numbers.

My new Splinterland games using Peakmonsters

Maximizing Rental Income within 50% using the Check rental market.

Percentage of cards delegated.
How many cards are delegated divided by how many are I own.

Example: 355/ 400= 88%

Percentage of Revenue from Rentals
I also like to look at the Revenue from Rentals on the bulk view page and divide the numbers from each other.

Example: 7821 DEC/ 9814 DEC = 79%

ROA percentage
@peakmonsters also automatically calculates your ROA (Return on Assests) on the bulk view page.

Mine is currently 53.51%

Forbes Advisor about ROA

An ROA of 5% or better is typically considered a good ratio while 20% or better is considered great. In general, the higher the ROA, the more efficient the company is at generating profits.

Then I compete with myself to get my numbers higher!

I am sure that I will develop and grow in how I interact with my cards. It has been just about three weeks since I started renting out my cards.

Thank you @peakmonsters for the awesome interface to make renting out so easy!

@soyrosa I hope you enjoy. I made a lot of this with you in mind!

3 columns
2 columns
1 column