Are you too CHICKEN to try Splinterlands?! If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!! Splinterlands: My First Season


Are You Chicken?

Well guys and gals, this Midwestern Lassie has been playing now for a week, and I feel like Splinterlands just might be the answer to some prayers I've made on these hot, Kansas, summer nights. I had NO idea, and I seriously mean NO IDEA, what Splinterlands was, not to mention crypto in general, and I'm already making money. I'm not even sure what I'm doing exactly, but I plan to share more with you about it, for example the SPS money! WOW! So if I'm making money then it's truly possible for anyone, even the novice crypto player. IT REALLY IS! So please DON'T BE CHICKEN! :)

Ways to Win

I'm so excited with how supportive Splinterlands is in helping new players. They have so many giveaways, like a weekly art entry! I tried last week, and I had SO MUCH FUN spending time making my creation. Now that I understand the game a bit more, I wanted to pick a FAVORITE card but also something that I love here in the Midwest: the chicken!! It was fun to re-create the Furious Chicken into 3D art in Blender, but have you PLAYED with the Splinterlands' Furious Chicken CARD? Oh MY WORD! It's FANTASTIC! My friend is letting me borrow it for awhile.... I'm thinking I better go buy one! They are just TOO AMAZING not to have! Anyone selling them? Is it a favorite card of yours as well?

I hope if you're an artist type at all you'll go head on over to Splinterlands' blog and enter your own creation! While you're there, if you like mine, please give it a vote! I'd so appreciate it!

And if you enjoy Splinterlands and want to learn more, then please come back and see me. Prop up your feet as we don't mind the dust on your boots, and let's learn how to play this together!! If you'd like, I can whip up my favorite recipe for you... ummmm (looks side to side) .... JUST DON'T TELL THE CHICKEN because he's the main ingredient! HA!

Furious Chicken Build in Blender

Here are a few pictures of the process for me in making the 3D art of the Furious Chicken and at the bottom you'll see a full view of the chicken in a short clip!

This first picture was the beginning of Splinterlands Furious Chicken. I took one mesh part and molded the general shape. I will take it and play with it again, many times in fact, but this was a starting point.

2021-08-07 (23).png

I was nervous about how the face would turn out but it wasn't as bad as I thought!

2021-08-07 (24).png

My favorite part of the build was DEFINITELY the eyes. I LOVED giving the emotion to the chicken, and you can just FEEL his desire to ATTACK as he looks ahead at his opponent!

2021-08-07 (23)a.png

Here comes the fun! Ohhh it was wonderful making the feathers everywhere!

2021-08-07 (24)g.png

2021-08-08 (4).png

2021-08-08 (6).png

And here's the final result! Thanks so much for reading and looking through the pictures! I really appreciate your support!


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