Tales of the Splinterlands: Little League

"Little league? You want to talk about Little League??"

The old monster trainer laughed loud, ending in a cough. "I will definitely tell you something about that... well, I'm not supposed to use bad words here at work. Anyway - this thing with only four mana or less, it disrupts the whole training! Just look outside..."

One look at the monsters on the training field showed it: these were those low mana monsters, fighting against each other. A team of fire monsters on one side, a team of water monsters on the other.

"Not a single fighting plan works - where are the Sea Monsters or the Pit Ogres, the Ruler of the Seas or the Living Lava? Instead of them we have this small fry... they are meant to be support, not first row fighters!"

He sighs and shakes his head. "I don't know what the Powers that be intended with that. After each of these fights, the small monsters are hurt, not only a little bit bruised but really injured. That's no good... No, I really don't like this Little League stuff - I hope they will end this madness but only time will tell!"

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

PS: And I don't like Little League either, because I tend to lose ;)

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