Splinterlands Fairy Tale: The Beetle Queen and the Exploding Dwarf

A short story starring the reward cards of today's daily quest

~ ~ ~

It was early evening and already dark outside when the Beetle Queen and her council met. It was the usual time and place for their meeting - but the topic was everything but that. Strange things were happening throughout the country. Loud bangs and booms were heard and when people went to look there was only gruesome and bloody remains of what might have one been an animal or even one of her majesty's subject.

Scrolls with information from all parts of the country soon were strewn all over the big table in the center of the big room. They argued and quarrelled, they discussed and they disagreed, and finally the Beetle Queen decided to send out messengers to gather more information. Then suddenly the door was opened and there stood the captain of the Royal Guard, a dwarf high in years and accolades. But he was different this evening - not level-headed and resplendend in an immaculate uniform, but disheveled and even aggravated.

"Your majesty!" he burst out upon coming to a stop at the table. "I know what is happening! It's the..." Suddenly his speech was interrupted, he started to gasp for air, his complexion grew more and more red (nearly matching the color of his uniform) and suddenly he there were flames all over his body. Everyone shouted and some ran to him, wondering whether they could help him. But it was too late - the dwarf exploded with a deafening bang, scattering his remains through the room, unfortunately taking his discoveries with him to his grave.


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