Orb Giveaway - Monster Burner Post 100 - August 11 2020


Welcome to the 100th Monster Burner post. As a small thank you, we will give away an Orb and all you have to do is re-blog this post for a chance to win. The day this post pays out we will randomly select one winner, good luck.Thank you for your continued support. Let's keep burning cards! 🔥🔥
Check out this post to read more about the project.

How to Vote

To vote, simply reply to one of the three comments below. Today's liquid earnings and your votes will go towards burning a card from the Water Splinter. Check back on our 108th post to see the burn report for this post.

Free Guild

Our free guild for new and low-level players is open! If you'd like to join, come over to our Discord and leave us a message. Be sure to read the requirements as well.
The guild has been upgraded halfway to level 3! We'll keep upgrading it over time as we get enough DEC.

Bonus Burn

We'll do another Bonus Burn and guild donation when we have enough DEC. So far we have 4908.

Community Burner Bot

Did you know you can delegate cards to @monster-burner to help us burn more cards? Right now the account only has common and rare cards. If you have any extra epic or legendary cards and would like to support us, please consider delegating them so we can climb to a higher league and burn more cards. For now, all match DEC will be saved and potentially paid back to delegators based on card usage at the end of the season.
If this catches on, we can create more accounts and burn even more cards. 🔥

Monster Burner Stat Report

  • Total Credits spent: 30935
  • Total BCX burned: 1827
  • Total DEC earned: 31553

Monster Burner Post 92

  • 0.000 HIVE
  • 0.395 HBD
Price Info: 1000 Credits =
  • 3.996 HIVE
  • 1.026 HBD
Final Results
  • Payout value in Credits: 384
  • Credits spent on cards: 380
  • Featured card: Ettin Spearman with 3 votes
  • BCX purchased and burned: 38 (View Transaction)

Monster Burner Bot Report

The @monster-burner Splinterlands account has been decked out with cards and will be playing matches for daily and season reward chests.
All of the rewards from these chests will be burned, of course, and the DEC will go into the pool along with the earnings from these posts.

Reward Stats
  • DEC from chests: 18824
  • Reward BCX from chests: 186
  • Burn DEC from rewards: 11100

Splinterlands News

  • 89,638 booster packs until the next air drop.
  • @splinterlands Market 24H VOLUME: 8,989 sales / $2,72
  • $2086 in upcoming tournament pool prizes.
  • Market Depth (DEC)
    Last: 0.002242 HIVE / $0.00058 24h Vol: 10,674 HIVE / $2,756.88 Bid: 0.00224 HIVE Ask: 0.002242 HIVE

Today's Candidates

Here is your daily choice of monsters to be burned:

Go vote in the comments below!

How to Support the Project

Upvote the daily burn posts, vote for cards each day, and spread the word!
You can also use our referral link.

Thanks for everything so far, and see you tomorrow!

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