Splinterlands - FERAL SPIRIT (Weekly Battle Post)


The Feral Spirit one of the first cards I ever owned was the alpha version. Initial I favored using it since it had by default the sneak ability so the monster could be place in the back of the lineup and still be able to attack in the first round. The card I felt was of use and I was able to save enough to reach a level 5 alpha version. Yet after that I was using life splinter less and concentrated more toward water and earth. To relive my matches using this card I played some matches for this and in this post is one of those.

Brief History of Sneak Ability

The sneak ability was very useful at the beginning of Splinterlands. Each splinter had one specific card that included the ability. Each had its own advantages. After playing plenty of matches I lean toward death splinter's Skeleton Assassin being the best of all but Feral Sprint a close second. The death splinter at the time had little low mana monsters with high enough health to sustain in a match. Skeleton not only had decent health but also sneak ability. I thought I would bring this up as its a bit of history that some may like to have known.


Round 1

My Wind Elemental was knocked out in the first round, but Angel revived Wind Elemental and at end of the round all monsters still alive.

Round 2

Worm was knocked out in this round so out with the strongest Melee monster in their formation. In the same round Feral Spirit in combo with Silvershield Assassin with sneak ability knocked out Albatross. On top of that Captain's Ghost is knocked out while for the second time I lost Wind Elemental.

Round 3

At start of this round my five monsters versus my opponent's three monsters. Crustacean King and Magi Sphinx are knocked out while I lost no monsters in the round.

Round 4

With only Robo-knight Dragon it was clear I would win. I only was able to beat the dragon in the fifth round.


My Silvershield Paladin was a decent choice for tanker but what was a great combo I had going was Silvershield Assassin and Feral Spirit. The triple hit by from the two was able to knock out the likes of Worm and Albatross. It may have been a different story if my opponent use monsters that included toughness.

I want to say the monster levels were evenly match as both my opponent and I had a level 3 legend while several monsters at least level 3 or higher. The Angel help extend my formation's life and hence the magic attacks were not enough to take down my formation.

If you are interesting in watching the battle here is a link.

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