The Wheel of Challenges - A New Gameshow with Free USD Prize$ - Streaming Live at 3PM Daily


Gladiators Take the Field

The safe must be filled with Money$ and then you break it open! By beating me in the game of your choice for FREE you'll Spin the Wheel for everyone at the twitch to win more real USD money or DEC$

Choose a game to challenge me in:
Bronze or Novice
Clash Royale
Request other games in the comments

By challenging me for free and winning then you spin the wheel of challenges
for everyone watching the twitch

EVERYONE at twitch then plays the game you land on!

Here are the possible games:


How the Entire Twitch Will Play These Games:



Twitch voting will decide if the group wants to be a greedy goblin and try to double their prize or be a cautious chicken and keep their prize. You start with 100 DEC$

1st Double 90% chance 2nd Double 75% chance 3rd double 55% chance
4th double 40% chance 5th double 15% chance 6th double 10% chance
7th double 5% chance GRAND PRIZE OF 50,000 DEC$ or 40 USD

A failed double results in no prize from the doubler that round

Your winnings are put into the safe. You'll find out how the safe is broken
and every single player in twitch wins a share of it.

Solve the Next Block:


A five digit number must be solved
5 mathmatical questions each resulting in a answer between 0-9


Twitch members will vote how much time they want to get through the 5 numbers
All twitch members can submit guesses but a wrong answer is a very heavy
penalty of -500DEC

60 Seconds 500 DEC
30 Seconds 1000 DEC
20 Seconds 2,000 DEC

Stream delay is included in the time
Duplicate numbers can exist

Cryptic Clues:


Twitch viewers get to decide by vote how many guesses to give the chooser
Hits in one guess 2,000 DEC$ added
two guesses 1000 DEC$ added
three guesses 100 DEC$ added

if you run out of guesses with no hit no dec$ or money is added

Proof of Brain:


By twitch vote you'll decide how much time you want to solve the hangman
60 Seconds 100 DEC$
30 Seconds 500 DEC$
15 Seconds 1,000 DEC$
10 Seconds 2,000 DEC$

Your wheel spinner will pick 8 letters and one vowel
Then everyone viewing gets to guess!

Running out of time with no answer means no dec$ or USD added to the safe

Stream Delay is Included in the Time

Frenzy of Friends:


Bring one new person to the twitch 200 DEC added
Each additional new person is worth 100 DEC added
You'll get one minute of time

They must say hi to count

The new people cannot split the loot of today's safe

If there are no new challengers then we will have a safe total
With 15 active viewers the safe cracks and everyone present gets a cut.

I prefer to pay in DEC$ but you can make arrangements with me for USD
if you need

If you are past 30 minutes late you're not eligible for the safe but I'll
allow you to play a challenge for 200 DEC free


Need to get in touch with me:

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