Let's Talk About the New Dragon Cards in Splinterlands


I've been playing Splinterlands for about 2 months now but have been depressed with the total lack of rewards for a few weeks now. Finally, we have new rewards and I've been lucky enough to get some of them in my loot chests.

I recently did a post on my new favorite Life team consisting of some of the new cards. Today, I'm going to cover the new Dragon cards.

As a bronze league player that owns minimal cards, I rarely play Dragon. The 4 mana cost for the free summoner deters me from choosing it and +1 armor is relatively weak against most of the meta bronze teams.

With the addition of these new cards, I think I finally have a chance to field an effective dragon team.

Do the new Dragon splinter cards live up to the hype? Read below and find out.

Quick Note

All my reviews are for bronze league play and level 1 cards. I'm also a total noob when it comes to this game and my strategies might be killer or might suck. So if anyone has any better advice, I'd love to hear it in the comments.


New Dragon Rewards

Splinterlands give us 3 new reward cards for the dragon splinter. I've been lucky enough to get my 2 favorites out of the 3 so far in reward loot chests.


Djinn Chwala

I jumped for joy when I opened a loot chest and saw this epic card. Finally some thorns action without spending $40 on Mylor.

This guy is a beefy 8 mana tank featuring 2 speed, 2 melee damage, 5 armor, and 9 armor. His special ability is thorns.

If you can keep him alive and you are matched against melee teams it's game over for the other team. I've been testing him with fire and life and have had some great luck so far.


In Bronze, thorns are one of the most OP abilities in the game. Will thorns on one card be enough to make this car OP? I think it will depend on finding the right comp. Teams that avoid the tank or all magic teams might make quick work of Djinn Chwala.

Unfortunately, his high mana can make it difficult to use him regularly in Bronze League matches.


Naga Assassin

Next up, is the 2nd dragon reward I won, Naga Assassin. This rare card is a backline murderer. For only 2 mana you get a 5 speed, 1 ranged damage attacker with 2 health.


She seems great for low mana battles but since she attacks the tank it makes her a little less viable. Looking at her advanced kit, she might turn into a serious threat for gold and above players. But us peasants in bronze don't have access to her special abilities.

I don't think I have a place in my favorite teams yet for this card but will be trying to add her into compositions with Djinn Chwala shortly.


Twilight Basilisk

Finally, the last reward card is Twilight Basilisk. This rare, 4 mana beast features 4 speed, 2 melee damage, 1 armor, and 4 health. It also has the special ability reach which lets Twilight Basilisk hit the tank from the second position.


While I don't own this card yet, I don't see a use for it. From my experience, reach is an underpowered ability in bronze league play. While the card has good stats, I just don't see a use for it at the moment.


So are they any good?

Here are some matches using Djinn Chwala and Ninja Assassin. You'll also get to see some of the other new cards in action as well.

Dragon/Fire Team win vs Death Team
Dragon/Fire Team win vs Life Team
Dragon/Fire Team win vs Life Team II
Dragon/Life Team vs Life Team

Of course, not everything is a win

Dragon/Life vs Water Team

Should you invest in the new Dragon Reward Cards?

If you haven't been lucky enough to pull any of the dragon rewards, now is the time to pick them up in the market.

You can find the Epic, Djinn Chwala for less than $2 in the market. I have a feeling this card is going to make a huge impact in bronze at least.

The 2 rare cards are also insanely cheap at the moment at .25 cents for Twilight Basilisk and .49 cents for Naga Assassin.

While I think the prices won't rise for a while, all 3 cards could be a sound investment farther down the line when they are finally out of print. Of course, don't take my word. I'm basically an idiot when it comes to investing and THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. I'm no Billy Ray Valentine.

Are you using any of the new Dragon Reward Cards?

If so, do you have any effective strategies you'd like to share?

If you made it this far I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post. I hope it was informative and helps you make better teams in Splinterlands!

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