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Weekly Battle Challenge


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**The Gargoya Scrapper **

The Gargoya Scrapper is a common, life unit from the Chaos Legion edition that only costs one mana to play. This is a starter card which means that it is available for everyone to use in-game. From here on out, this card will be referred to as the Scrapper

There are a couple of key levels for this card that ought to be taken into consideration. First, is level one, as everyone can play this card at this level. At this level, the Scrapper has a base of one melee attack, two speeds, and two health.

The next important level to consider is level three. At this level, the Scrapper gains the Void Ability. There will be more on this ability below. Aside from gaining this ability, the Scrapper stats are identical at level three to its stats at level one.

From here on out, the Scrapper gains a point in speed at level five before losing the speed boost at level seven, where it replaces it with a damage increase. It regains the speed increase at level nine, however. At max level (10) the Scrapper gains a point of health. This means at max level the Scrapper ends up with a base of two melee attacks, three-speed, and three health.

It is important to note that these stats are based on the card alone and do not take into account the effects of summoners or the effects provided by other units. Although the stats of this card are lower than those of other cards, this is offset but its very low mana costs.


The Void Ability


As noted above, the Scrapper gains the Void at level three. This is an ability that is very useful when facing opponents who are using magic as their primary source of damage.

Those who have the Void ability receive reducing the damage from magic attacks. This could potentially negate all incoming damage if conditions are right. A couple of well-known cards that have this ability include the Unicorn Mustang and Djinn Oshannus.


Example Battle


The above image is a link to the battle for those who wish to watch it in its entirety. This was a 28-mana battle with the rule modifiers of equalizer and lost legendaries. This particular game was limited to the Water, Earth and Life Splinters.

This battle took place around 1600 rating and in the Silver league. This means that what is shown here might not be applicable across all leagues. In addition, I would like to point out that this battle took place on my alt account Luckless, rather than on my main account Luckbound. The cards used were either rented or delegated rather than owned.

General Sloan was the summoner used in this game for the simple reason of boosting the ranged attacks of played monsters. This would boost the damage of the back three units by one each.

The Scrapper was placed in the first slot as I had expected my opponent to be using magic, and the Scrapper's Void ability would help to mitigate this. Having equalizer as a modifier meant that it would have the health to survive a few rounds.

Time Mage took the second slot due to the benefits that it provides in slowing down opposing monsters. It also has high speed meaning it can attack quickly.

Stitch Leech took the third slot in the lineup. This monster has the sneak ability allowing it to directly target the backline. This worked out well in this case due to their being an unprotected healer residing there.

The fourth was occupied by the Silvershield Archers. General Sloan increased their damage to two per round. Having the snipe ability may not have been the most useful ability in this case, but that point is irrelevant in the end as the battle resolved in my favour.

The fifth slot was filled by the Pelacor Arbalest. This was one of the two main damage dealers. At two attacks per round, each with the potential to deal three damage because of General Sloan, this is a ranged card to be reckoned with.

The final slot was taken by the Prismologist. This was the other main damage dealer. This card has the blast ability and, because of General Sloan, has the potential to deal up to four damage per hit. This allowed it to hit the frontline monsters for four damage and the monster behind it for two.

Overall, this was a winning strategy. Two changes could be considered if I were to use it again. First, might not be a bad idea to swap out the Leech for a Truth Speaker to provide shields to the team, although with the high health in this game this was not necessary. Second, swapping the Silvershield Archers with a different two-mana ranged card might be a good idea depending on the modifiers as this could allow for all damage to be concentrated on the front line.


Concluding Remarks

The Scrapper is a balanced card in my opinion when you consider its mana costs. Although its stats are low, it only costs one mana to play meaning it is very easy to slot in as a front-line tank in low mana games.


Copyright Notice

A post detailing how to access the card images can be found here: @splinterlands/splinterlands-card-images-by-level.

The images and names of the cards, as well as the images and names of the abilities detailed in this post are owned and open-sourced by

The first image came from this post here, which included permission for the community to use said image as a thumbnail.

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