[Splinterlands] Spellbook Notes: Monster - Beetle Queen

Beetle Queen

This is a detailed look at the Splinterlands monster Beetle Queen as a part of my Spellbook Notes series. We'll dive into the card's stats, abilities, lore, and strategic and tactical uses. To find information on other Splinterlands assets, take a look at the additional entries in the Spellbook Notes curated collection.

Card Details

Beetle Queen

NameBeetle Queen
Mana Cost4


IconLvl ReqAbilityDescription
4+Tank HealRestores a portion of the Monster in the first position's health each round.
8InspireGives all friendly Monsters +1 Melee attack.

General Notes

Being one of the only healers in the fire splinter, this monster is key in many types of hands. The low health, speed, attack, and armor make the card hard to work with in some cases, but it is not a bad card over all. At max level it also unlocks the inspire ability, which can boost your overall team.

You can add to the stats of the monster using other monster abilities to allow for longer life. Some suggestions are to use protect, strengthen, swiftness, and repair in other areas of the team to help to preserve this monster farther into the match. Potentially take precautions to position this card in a place that snipe and sneak do not target it first. These location precautions are always dependent on the conditions of the match and the setup of the rest of the team being played.

Armor adds another level of defense
Magic attacks bypass armor and have a high hit rate.
Only cost 4 mana
Adds inspire ability at level 10
Low Health at all levels
Low Attack

League Cap Based Notes

LeagueLevel CapNotes
Novice/Bronze2Cannot access Tank Heal ability at these caps
Silver4Cannot access Tank Heal ability at these caps
Diamond8Can access the inspire ability at max level
Champion8Can access the inspire ability at max level

Tactics & Strategies

The following are pulled from my Summoner's Playbook series where I dive into clear tactics and strategies that many players miss and thus lose out on key opportunities to secure unique advantages.

Summoner's Playbook Page
OpenTry Yodin Zaku with a magic team from time to time
OpenDouble up your healers in high stakes battle


Splinterlands MarketPeakMonsters Market


Since their original entrance to the Splinterlands through the cracks of the Molten Mountains some hundred years ago, Fire Beetles have spread to every corner and crevasse of the Burning Lands. Not only have they thrived and multiplied in the hot, acidic air, but the species has evolved in several different directions. One of the more terrifying varieties is the Beetle Queen. A Beetle Queen is equipped with the same naturally replenishing supply of nape juice as any Fire Beetle, but with one key difference. Beetle Queens have wings. Fire is tougher to avoid when it is raining from above.

Source: Splinterlands.com


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