Liquidity Pools- What are they?

As a Crypto Noob, and an American, the whole WORLD of 'Exchange Rates' and 'Currency Exchanges' was pretty new to me- when I started playing this game.

The First Cryptocurrency

I ever held? DEC. Followed quickly by many, many others.... DEC, SPS, SPT, HIVE, POB, LEO, PIZZA, LUV, BEE... I have or have had- all of these. Figuring out what is and is not useful as well as how to swap between them all- has been an education.

In order to buy SPS, using DEC, I would sell my DEC on Hive-Engine then use the HIVE to buy SPS and when I wanted to swap back- I would do the reverse. It was a CHORE! I mean, I usually made enough- swapping back and forth to make it worthwhile but still... not easy.

Liquidity Pools

Enter my education into 'Diesel Pools' or Liquidity Pools. ( has all of these, DIRECT, swap pools. You can exchange, almost any, crypto for another crypto- directly. DEC to SPS- swap. Done. HIVE to DEC? Swap. Done. Hell, there's even an SPS to VOUCHER Pool- Got SPS? want Vouchers? Swap. Done.

The first thing that was important for me to learn about Liquidity Pools?

You can get AD points for your 'other currencies'- eg. you put both DEC and SPS in a pool- you get AD points for BOTH the SPS and the DEC!

the Second thing that was important for me to learn about Liquidity Pools?

Tribaldex is on the HIVE network- no signing up for another site. Just follow the link, sign-in with your KeyChain and.... you're done. Tribaldex is linked to Hive-Engine, so no moving funds around- it's all part of the same network.

How does It Work?

The most important part, for me, is that you can put SPS and DEC into the pool and you get Air Drop points for both- so you continue to hold SPS while getting SPS from it, without staking it.
Eg. you have 10 SPS and 600 DEC- the SPS can either be Staked and give negligible Vouchers and SPS or... give nothing. OTOH, if you 'pair' the SPS with the DEC, in a Pool.... BOTH the SPS and the DEC produce AD points- effectively doubling your AD points!
The second part, which is the 'raison d'etre' for Liquidity Pools is- the direct swap between 2 currencies- the Pool maintains, well, a 'pool' of both currencies and it will give you a quote for the ratio between them, then, you can directly swap (almost) any currency for another- instantly.

So, I'm not only a user of these Pools- I have put a significant portion of my assets into one- the DEC:SPS Pool. Not only do I get to still hold both DEC and SPS this way BUT I get SPS through the Air Drops from it AND
I get BEE tokens, daily
I get SPS tokens, daily
My position appreciates, daily- based on the use of the Pool.

I feel that investing in these pools is a win, win, win, WIN proposition- for anyone who decides to do it.

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