Spearfishing || Knight Diving Part IV

Hello, spearos!

I'm here again, but first of all, I would like to thank @ocdb, @blocktrades, @ocd, @riverflows, @maxwellmarcusart, @johndoer123 for their support. And to my friends here thank you so much for your support of my article.

Okay, how are you there hive friends, how is our life now is it okay? or not. We know that will be a huge tragedy to sacrifice our lives this year. COVID-19 is really affecting everyone he has done a lot of wrong in our lives. And not only in our lives but also in our needs and livelihood. But with all the sacrifices we do not give up, we fight for the sake of our loved ones. Let's just fight friends and hopefully, the disease that is rampant in our area will go away. Stay at home and we will always pray.
Okay, this is the fish I caught last night during our night diving. Thank god and with grace and we have a dish again. I know that you are not yet experienced in knight diving except for those who love spearfishing in the sea. We are very blessed because one of us brought something to our families. Many fish in the sea just in case they are deep hiding.

One of my friends got 3kls rudderfish, I guess I don't know much about the names of the fish in English. The size and extra fat of the fish make it delicious to grill haha.
Mine is 5kls all including the cattle fish. I'm really very happy because I caught them both at the same time. I thought that after I speared a cattle fish, it ran but he didn't run, he hid under big corals so I caught them with just an arrow. I really don't think the cattle fish did just hide instead he ran
by the way, I caught a groper fish, right side hehe only one and squid on the top of the groper fish.
Thank you very much and see you again friends until next diving we will meet again ha and I hope you will not stop supporting my knight diving spearfishing.

Stay at home and keep safe everyone...


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