Forced and wearing a boxer

Good day to you all!

I just want the mother and Son to share their conversation recently. You are the ones to judge the two of them because I laughed at the two of them this morning. Because his mom wanted to wear a boxer, but my son didn't want to because he said someone would call him HI! sexy. I leave it to them why her mom wants her son to wear a boxer.

I laughed a lot earlier at what they did to quarrel just because of the boxer.

Mother: son, it's just a suit because it's just outside the bay. It's nice to wear boxers because it's beautiful.

Son: it's not mama because they say hi wetweeew wow legs supposedly.

Mother: it's nice because it's not hot?

Son: I don't want to because they said hi wow legs supposedly wow legs.

Mother: go ahead and listen, you won't come out.

Son: ok mama but just fast because they will tell me hi wow legs.

Thank you

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