National Education Association Urges Social Media Giants To Do More About 'Slap a Teacher' Trend

The National Education Association has recently urged social media giants to do more about the alleged trend going around called 'Slap a Teacher' that has more than one student already in trouble for attacking teachers at their school. In those instances where students slapped their teachers it is alleged that it might have been related to this so called challenge.

Authorities with school systems want social media platforms to do more in taking this content down that is encouraging these sorts of behaviors. Just recently another controversial trend was going around the 'devious lick' that had students committing a wide range of property damage against their own schools, stealing materials from the schools etc, and causing thousands of dollars in damage with this trend.

To teachers around the country now they say it is an insult to them and many are worried now obviously about this trend and if students might attack them because of it. Some teachers have reminded students that this is assault and not to do this. It seems that these trends on social media just keep getting more mindless and dangerous as time goes on.

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