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@lefty619 is still out there and waiting for his next silver score to write about. Not much else going on with nominations. I suppose we can have a look at the markets for some excitment.

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Let's check out the markets.


Metals are flat to higher...for now. The dollar rally isn't helping things out and Evergrande has everyone looking that way. Should be interesting to see how they fix this one. Nationalize the Evergrande debt maybe? Only time will tell.


If you don't know where I look at these prices, you can find them over at Kitco.com.

Bitcoin 4hr

The 4hr chart is in a decent position. Sitting in the upper bands, RSI looks good and MACD heading up. The daily tells a little different story.


Bitcoin Daily

The daily is looking ok, but is that a Bear flag forming? We had a nice run up to the $44.3k range before pulling back. Let's see what today brings us.


These screenshots come from a free charting app called Tradingview. Go check it out and play around.

Stocks & DXY

Pre-markets were up 200 and now are up 140. Shanghai is down around a percent and I'm sure the rest of the Asian markets will follow suit. The dollar just keeps on running up and up...but so do food prices that aren't measured in CPI but that's another story.

I'm going to start looking at the stocks and dollar here. This is the easy part. Dollar goes up, markets go down. Keep an eye on it.

These pre-market numbers are from CNBC for no specific reason.



That's all we got this week folks!

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