Maria Theresia of Austria

Hi Stackers,

AS I plan to go to Austria this weekend today a post about there most famous coin of silver: The Maria Theresian Thaler or MTT

Although Maria was the emperess of the Habsburg Empire (everything right of Austria more or less ) from 1740 to 1780 the MTT was issued to at least 1850 but always with the year 1780 on it. The Austrian Mint now continues to mint them. A bit like the Dutch gold Ducat another trade coin never stopped being struck.

The thaler (taler/daalder/dollar)


(The word thaler already existed in coinage originating from the Joachimsthaler...)

Here is a portrait of the empress herself:


Looks like a tough cookie!!!!

If you ever go to Vienna or (better) Triest in Otaly you can see the wealth of the Habsburg empire in the buildings in these two cities. I prefer Triest in (nowadays) Italy as you can combineit so easy with Venice or other mediteranean holidays like Slovenia/Kroatia-Istria!!! and alike

So if Austria does not change it covid rules for Dutchies and the Germans clear the flooded Autobahns I can fially go on a holiday. We are both vaccinated and my wife added a PCR test today (as the 2nd shot was just this week) and now no other shit anymore please!

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