For the ladies of Hive ?

Hi Stackers,

Hot from the press is this first view of the new series of the East India Bullion Company called

The Masterpiece Collection.

They are not modest at all I must say!


The coins ofcourse combine modern techniques with historic figures and this indeed is appealing. This first one with the Three Graces of course should have been decorated with and called the Ladies of Hive but ok that is too late now....

Around the Graces is the motto “Foedus Inviolabile’, which means ‘unbreakable league’, just like the ladies of hive!


I do like the design and they will release a one and two ounce coins BUT also a sterling One Crown weighing 27,4 gramms..and a 5 Oz silver one.

details here:


Oh and remiums will be high as mintage is 1000 or 2000 for the silver and hundreds of the gold ones