Share Our World: Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

I have been a member of the Desert Botanical Garden for 10 years. It is such a wonderful place to go to connect with nature and walk around.

This weekend my friend Angela and I took our cameras and wandered around looking at beautiful and interesting plants... and oh so many dogs. We didn't realize that it was bring your dog to the garden day!

Prickly Pear

Two different varieties in very different light.

Old Man of the Andes

Aren't they so cute, like little old men.


My very favorite desert plant!

Red Baja Fairy duster

With a name like that you can't go wrong.

If you would like to see more pictures shot at 1.4 Share Our World: Desert Botanical Garden in 1.4


Beautiful pink ones!

Creeping Devil

If you look close you can see the rest of "it's body" in the background.


While many of these plants my be new to you. Most people have heard of lavender.


Aloes look much like agave and are succulents.

Of course we are still in Covid19 and so I took a picture of some of the signs and us in our mask.


For those that I am not sure the names.

Art installations

Hope you enjoyed this stroll around the garden with me on a beautiful spring morning. Let me know if you are in Phoenix and we can go together.

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