Am I in Holland or England ?

Dear Hivers,

Last wednesday I took a morning walk along the beach of the city Zandvoort in the Netherlands. I had just dropped my wife off at a business meeting (taxi!) and she would return home by train in the afternoon. I decided to do this as it was gonna be great weather that day.

Check out this sign near a kite zone!


I bet you can read the bottom sign as it is in English. Yes we Dutchies put English signs all over the Netherlands in public transport and airports etc. Sometimes even the Dutch is forgotten to add.

People I worked with from the USA complained that this way they never mastered any Dutch as all signs are in English and almost all people speak English.


Well you now know you can kite in Zandvoort in a dedicated area and no swimmers are allowed between the flags. By the way I did not see one kite surfer maybe because it was 09.00 AM

Have a great weekend

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