Snorkeling, diving, relaxing in between under the sun ☀️


I only learned how to swim when I came back to the Philippines 3 years ago! I was a bukid (mountain) girl. Well, the beach is 15 to 20 minutes drive away from home. When I was young, we used to go fishing with my dad. My dad owned a little pump boat and was lending out to a local fisherman. In return, they gave us fresh fish on Saturdays. So, sometimes (Kung Makalugsong sa may dagat haha) if my dad had time he would take me and my cousin Aiza out for a boat trip. He even taught me how to swim and jump on his back and dive. But since my incident of almost drowning I was scared to even step into the water. I didn't even have the courage to try or even go for some fun into the water anymore unless it's a must. Way back in my swimming class in college I was able to perform into my final swimming class. It's hilarious that I was doing all those strokes just for grades.

But here I am now. Moving my feet, swimming under water. Enjoying everything that waves takes me into.

It's not too late to do things that your heart desires. Sometimes, our minds takes over our heart with fear and traumas. Time heals and life changes along the way.

My partner Ras is a certified diver and even got into his advanced diving thingy. He's the one who encouraged me to practice how to swim and do scuba diving. His goal. Our goal 😁 is me having a diver license so I could be with him diving underwater chasing sharks and experience the underwater world. Well, he mostly encourage me to do things that I'm feared of.

Moalboal is a place where you can chill and party at the same time. It has a lot of different restaurant, hostels, hotel resort and more . I guess this place is a paradise for backpackers.

It's a five or six hours away from the City down to the South of Cebu.

Aside from Malapascua. Moalboal is one of our favorite place.


This cotton candy sky is one of my favorite photo from one of our Moalboal trips. This picture was taken during our sunset dinner at one of the restaurant in Panagsama beach.


Panagsama beach is always been a special place for us. This is the first place we visited when we moved to Cebu.

I still remember our first trip to Moalboal way back three years ago.

Ras was very excited to try this local things around. We took the local bus to Moalboal. It was also my first time so we ended up in the wrong bus. But the driver and conductor was kind enough to drop us in Carcar. And from there we took another bus to Moalboal. It was a fun and crazy adventure.

We mostly came to visit this place to do snorkeling or having a weekend getaway.



Cheers to a beautiful life! To more beautiful sunset in the world 🍾🌞🌞


Moalboal has a lot to offer. From snorkeling with thousand and thousands of sardines, snorkeling on the island of Pescador, swimming with turtles. And if you're lucky enough there's a whaleshark passing by sometime. Which is very rare according to the divers.

Few more sunset sky around Moalboal 🌞




They have the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen in Cebu so far, aside from our balcony view at our old apartment. Who will never fell in love with these beautiful pink, purple, orange colours colliding into the clouds. It's more beautiful when you have a beer with you and watching the sunset with your favorite people.

Amazing right?

I had the best and amazing diving experience in Moalboal. I took the open water course. It took me hours to really get into the salt water. Practicing all those procedures and techniques under water is quite difficult.

So grateful for Beth for being so patient with me. As she always said "Being patient is part of my job". Or else she will not be there at the first place. She even shared that she just recently knew how to swim as she moved to Moalboal. She's from Mindanao. A bukid girl like me. So, swimming is not really her thing before coz living distance away from the beach is really a big thing too.Until moving to Moalboal and found someone who pushes her to become who she is today.

I really get inspired with this kind of story.

You can really be anyone you like to be. 🙏🏼

Swimming with sardines is not my thing. I have tried it few times before. But, I feel dizzy when the sardines group themselves slightly swimming towards me. When the sun hits their skin and I imagine a big anaconda coming swimming around. I know I'm hillarious. But, I am not really into it. I have wild imagination about it.




I can't wait to get my diving certificate one day. 🙏🏼 I can't wait to dive underwater watching the thresher sharks in Malapascua or even got more excited to have night dives identifying a whole lot of more little colourful sea creatures.

I can't swim in the seawater without life vest. When Ras and the whole group of divers went scuba diving in Pescador island. I was left alone with the boatman. The Kuya really convince me to do snorkeling with him. As he joked around that it was all free. And I don't need to give him any amount. At first I was hesitant since I can't go down in the water alone without anything with me. He was kind enough to accompany me all along for half an hour chasing fishes at the island. He even showed me some tricks to swim.



We saw a lot of different fishes and lucky enough to see this cutie turtle swimming around.

Forever grateful having someone who will always have my back encouraging me to do things that I thought I will never try.


To more snorkeling, diving and chasing sunset around the Universe 🐟☺️🐢

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