#SciencePic: The shape of crystals

Hey guys,

today, I want to show you some crystals for the #sciencepic initiative.
The first ones are crystals of table salt (sodium chloride NaCl) which grew in a colleague's washing solution.
Perhaps you know, that table salt tends to crystallize in the shape of little cubes. Normally, you can see them with a microscope, but if you let them grow, they can be easily seen with the naked eye.


The second crystals are of bromo pyrene (C16H9Br), which was sythesized by another colleague. They look like a mixture of little needles and lamina. Sadly, the color is not that nice, I think.


When I saw these nice results, I felt like I should do crystal growth again. I will show you some pictures of the results soon.

Edit: In case, you don't know how bromo pyrene looks like, I add you the structure here:


3 columns
2 columns
1 column