Maike Flowers on the side of the road to our house

Dear friends,
Assalamu Alaikum and greetings to all of you. In this country full of natural beauty, there are different types of natural flowers blooming around us at different times. It is very beautiful to see nature. I would like to share some special parts with you.

Day after day, month after month, year after year, and in between, Ashar Shravan in our country, these two months are rainy and the natural beauty of that rainy season is filled with bushes and shrubs on the side of the road. I don't know what the name of Mike Flower is but I look like Maike in our country so we think of Maike Flower in this book. This flower is a flower. I saw those mistakes 10 months ago when we visited Cox's Bazar. I made two posts today, it is raining lightly again, the flowers are beautiful in the middle of it, then I saw the shots and took pictures with my mobile, it is not like before, but I made this flower new again after one year and posted it here.

Pictures of this flower were taken in the morning’





These flowers are destroyed when the sun sets in the afternoon when the flowers of the vine are in good condition in the morning. Again, the flowers fall in a beautiful way the next morning. They have no fragrance but are very nice to look at.

Maike flowers can be seen in the bushes around the road and when we were children we used to play nicely with these mistakes because now we would lift someone's head and put it in someone's ear.



Almost everything looks beautiful when you look at it with a beautiful mind rather than looking with beautiful eyes. My mind sees everything with beautiful eyes, that is the prayer to the Creator.

We have to stop here like today, #COVID-19 epidemic corona virus outbreak everyone, stay well, stay safe, stay healthy, this is the expectation I @jaster.

Photographer————- @jaster.
Photography————— Maike flower 🌸
Camera mobile———— iPhone 7 Plus
Edit mobile —————- iPhone mobile
Location ————- Monohardi Bangladesh 🇧🇩

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