Abandoned amphitheater, and other Images : The Daily Photos


Abandoned amphitheater, and other Images : The Daily Photos

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Imagine that you're hiking through the woods, and you find a cabin that has been abandoned. It's a place that no one has been to in years, and you ponder how this place could have been abandoned. You look through the window and see a dirty living room with a burned out fireplace, a kitchen with dishes in the sink, and a hallway with dark paintings. The curiosity about what happened in this place is too much to bear, and you open the door, take a deep breath, and walk into the cabin. You walk down the hallway and see a single picture hanging on the wall. It's a picture of a woman wearing a nightgown kneeling next to a bed with a little girl sleeping in it... why?

The story above, did it fill you with a sense of mystery?
The story is also about an abandoned place and the surrounding mystery about how it ended in this state.

There are many types of abandoned places around the world. Some are abandoned because of how rural they are, while some are abandoned because there are too many ghosts. There are some that are abandoned because the property is too expensive to maintain, but most are abandoned because the owner died. Some people think that abandoned places are so interesting because they represent a sense of mystery. Abandoned places are often the perfect spot for the imagination to wander. Even though you may never know why the property was abandoned, it is always fun to speculate.

Some people find the idea of abandoned buildings and towns to be very interesting; For some, it is an opportunity to explore and take photographs without any restrictions. For others, it is a sorrowful reminder of the lives that once thrived in these buildings before being inevitably abandoned. One reason why abandoned places are interesting is the opportunity to explore. Sure, some might frown on trespassing, but some abandoned buildings can be found with little to no effort. For those who are more respectful, the opportunity to explore uncharted territory is an amazing experience. And for those who are more brazen, exploring an abandoned building is just another thing to do for the day.

What about you? Have you ever explored an abandoned building or embedded place? Have you ever trespassed to do it?

Personally I wasn't as brazen for my photos to trespass today, but I did drive past the semi-abandoned place and look pretty cool (see the pinmapple tag in the comments). So let's get to the daily photos.

The Daily Photos

This place seem to be some sort of amphitheater that has been long forgotten. I can imagine back in the heyday it must've been a very beautiful place to see... But now the glass on the ceiling was falling, farmers have set up farms around the underneath side of it, and it looks like it's mildly used. Also I took this picture the security guard took a picture of me.. o.O


I did drive around outside the big abandoned field next to it.


I think the support structure on it looks super cool, and I can imagine a lot of fun concerts happening here if only it was in a better state.


Also around the outside was this forgotten pig relic. At one point it was the prize pig that people danced and celebrated around, and then it was parked in a field, and over time the rain and the weather deteriorated it into a beast, with A skeleton exposed, it yearns once again for the day being idolized and worshiped.


This is the backside, or perhaps the front side... Or maybe a side side of the building. It be cool to take more photos of that structure using a telephoto lens. I appreciate how you could see the spine of it.


and now for something completely different. I drove from Danang to Hoi An the other day and took this photo in a Park.


And this is a photo of the checkpoint I had to do my health declaration at to make the transit back and forth.


I hope you enjoyed some of these photos. While I do not condone trespassing and going into places that could potentially put your life at risk, I am curious.

  • What do you think about abandoned places photographs?
  • How many times do you visit abandoned places?
  • What do you think about new abandoned buildings?
  • What do you think about the idea of urban exploring?

As always, I am full of gratitude for you stopping by today. Should you have any questions or comments please leave them down below and I'll answer them in a day or so.

Have a great day and carpe diem!





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