Thanks Giving to needy is the good way to show the image of God on earth!

Let me take this opportunity to thank and appreciating the group or a person who come up with the idea of creating #nobel in this planet!
"WHY" because it has helped so many needy people in our area and many of them they have changed than it before!
Through the small fund i got from the #nobel, i have managed to help some people in my community and more they like me and those people who have managed through #nobel for contributing to their life!
They all say that thank you and bless you abundantly!
So i called upon some people who have good heart and golden of giving some people who is need and those who don't have anything to wear on their bodies, school requirements etc to stand with me and we join saving people's who is in need!
God bless you while your contributing to change someone's life!IMG_20191016_131500451.jpg

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