Quick Rant Before bed


So, I feel like I am manifesting my hustle and my profits, I for the second day fell in some nice luck(profit). Makes me feel good and appreciate at the sweat and muscle and even bone aching pain of day in and day out of the grind.

I love it though

At the end of the day I really do enjoy making those gains, makes me feel reaching goals are just a place marker for your true intentions and actual goals. Stepping stones ina sense.

probably not and I am making no sense..

But, listen man as the Dude would say chill man, its a new revaluation.

I need to take a break and reload and recharge for the coming days ahead. I am not even going to suggest I deserve this day off, or my sabbath, but a need of part of my regime. Need to have a day where I just literally relax.

I am taking a short sabbatical.


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