I Found All Three Cards In The Seasonal Halloween Special Mission In Rising Star

I was happy to finally find the third card I needed for the Halloween special mission.

Untitled design (74).jpg

It took a little work but I found both the instruments the S25 Drop Dead Drums and S26 No Face Bass while doing the Halloween special mission. I did the Special mission thirty eight times before finding the S26 no Face Bass. In the process of trying to get an S26 to drop I found three S25 Drop Dead Drums so I am undecided at this point weather I will try to get one or both of the animated versions of the cards.

It takes ten cards to combine and make one animated card so it would take some work and time to get all ten especially all ten of both cards, and I would want at least one extra of each of the cards so I would need eleven. To get the animated S24 Scary Mary card it would take ten also but for this card you get it randomly by opening packs so this could get costly in one way or another. I may try for the two instruments but I wont be working on the Scary Mary card. I still have a few weeks left so I may go for it, if I don't make it at least I will have some cards to sell off down road sometime.

I had made the mistake of letting my ego % get out of hand so while I was looking for the seasonal cards at the same time I was doing lessons and got my ego % down by about 30%. I still need it to drop another 25-30% but I will keep working on it. Now that I have a better understanding of collecting starbits I wished I would have been keeping my percentage down the whole time. But live and learn I guess, I will get it down and keep it down so I can maximize earning starbits.

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