Qurator's Monday Missions | Halloween costumes ~ A Haunted Day In Office

This is Qurator's Monday Mission where you have to make anything impossible possible. This Halloween day, I gathered all the ghosts in the big store where it is their secret hideouts. I called a team of Ghostbusters to join the fun and hence this special day is called "A Haunted Day in Office".

A Haunted Day In Office


1. The Hell Girl

She is the prettiest of all ghosts and always outshines the other ghost. She cannot eat meat or drink blood and is considered a vegan ghost.

2. Red Horn Ghost

The 2 red horns are used to hypnotize people so that she can get more treats than the rest. She is the cousin of Hell Boy.

3. Blue Dabadee Ghost

The Blue Dabadee Ghost cannot see blue candies, she will steal all blue candies she can find.

4. The Witch's Ghost

The Witch's Ghost is a very shy ghost, this introvert ghost will never show her face to anyone. Her past time is chasing spiders.

5. The Curly Brother Ghost

Don't be intimidated by that big knife, the knife is only used to trim his curly hair, hahaha :D. Gosh, this ghost made me laugh until I cry.

6. The Fetish Ghost

Don't get me wrong, this ghost only like one hand and that's how he got that name. He is very specific to only like that one particular hand hahaha :D

7. The Chubby Ghost

This Ghost specifically only eats blood candies, by that it means red-colored candies and lots of them. Make sure you hide all your red candies from the Chubby Ghost.

The Ghostbusters

I invited the Ghostbusters to join the fun and help me make sure all those ghosts behave well

Ghostbuster in Action


In this group photo, my eyes can only see the Hell Girl and the Curly Brother Ghost, they were so outstanding


That concludes my presentation for Qurator's Monday Mission, I hope you will like it. How they can become ghosts I also don't know and one thing for sure all of them are harmless hahaha.

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That's all for now, wishing you a beautiful day ~ Life is Beautiful.

The Best is yet to come, Keep Creating Keep Hiving!

Take care and Stay Blessed!

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