Qurator's Monday Missions | Chestnut Men ~ The Chestnut Men Meets Princess Rainbow Flakes

Chestnut Men meets and discuss that they should set off and sail by boat to meet Princess Rainbow Flakes. Princess Rainbow Flakes is the most influential princess in the region. This meeting is very important for their benefits. After reaching an agreement, Chestnut Men sails after dawn. They reached Princess Rainbow Flakes place and Princess Rainbow Flakes is very happy to meet them.





The Chestnut Men Meets Princess Rainbow Flakes


Princess Rainbow Flakes


Watch Chestnut Men In This Video

Chestnut Men in the Making

When I learned that this week's Monday Mission was the Chestnut Men, of course, the first thing to think of was where to find these chestnuts. Luckily there was one stall quite nearby to my house in Giant Hypermarket Batu Caves. I always loved the smell of the Coffee Roasted Chestnuts on a hot stove. I always loved the smell of the Coffee Roasted Chestnut on a hot stove. The price was RM9.50 for 140gm. Then I bought veggies, toothpicks, Nips Chocolate, and quail eggs. And then I saw this very cute cupcake and decided to include this cute little thingy into this story :D. The hardest part was to make the hands and the legs because the chestnuts were very hard to prick, I had to use a hammer just to prick them. For the hats, I boiled the quail eggs first before taking out the egg to use the shells for the hats.


Chestnut Men in progress


Quail eggs as the hats


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