PYPT From October 14th Recap -- Next PYPT is Thursday

Half the fun is showing up

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Attendance was up this week. Seems more people are learning that Pimp Your Post Thursday has returned. PYPT is a live curation show held in Discord. It’s an opportunity to put your, or someone you like, work out in front of others.

Unlike dropping your link in a group and hoping someone will have a look at it. You have an opportunity to make connections with other people. They get to know you and you them. It’s a more personal connection. People are more likely to check out someone’s work they have interacted with.

It doesn’t matter where you write, you can share on PYPT. Everyone is encouraged to visit the links as they are shared. Not everyone is going to be interested in every post and that’s okay. Read the ones that interest you, leave a comment, upvote if you can, share if you can. It’s writers supporting each other.

Let’s have a look at what was shared on Thursday October 14th:

Here’s the recording link on Youtube if you’d like to hear the comments on each post:

Here’s the posts:

Hive is the main source for posts being presented currently. PYPT first ran on the Hive legacy chain (Steem) and then moved to Hive. It ran every week for over two years before I took about a one year break. People are familiar with it. Don’t be shy though, you’ll soon find you’re only a stranger once and people want to see what you share.

There are a lot of writers who post on multiple platforms. The objective for Pimp Your Post Thursday is to create a space where writers can come together and get to know each other, to support each other. And, of course, to have some fun.

How to Join PYPT

Discord is a chat platform made up of multiple servers. Each server forms it’s own community of like minded people. To get Discord visit here. It’s available on your browser, as a desktop app and on mobile.

While the browser can be a great way to get familiar with Discord, we’ve found that trying to use the voice channels on the browser doesn’t work well for many. The desktop app seems to be more robust for voice. Discord was developed for gamers but has become very popular for many projects as a place to build community.

Now you have Discord, you’ll want to join the Dreemport server. You can join any time. It may be a bit quiet when you arrive. If you’d like to get my attention you can ‘tag’ me by typing an @ in front of my name. Yes, I’m ShadowsPub pretty much everywhere.

On Thursday, the show starts at 12pm Noon EST. There will be notices in the channels before starting time reminding people that PYPT is starting and the channels to join. Never be afraid to ask questions, someone will answer.

Come on over and join in.

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