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Psychology is a health field that is still taboo. Though psychology will greatly affect the life and health of the community. However, for whatever reason, psychological issues are still rarely discussed publicly and openly.

People's mental health depends on perceived psychology. If someone experiences stress due to workload or even bullying, they usually experience a mental disorder. They will tend to be quieter or even more closed to all the anxiety they feel.

Therefore, enlightenment and education regarding public health psychology must be intensified. Of course, this has a clear goal so that the community becomes more enthusiastic and able to open themselves up to find solutions. Thus the community will be mentally healthy without feeling anxiety.

The Relationship of Public Health Psychology in Life

What is the important relationship between psychology and public health in everyday life? These two things are different and have nothing to do with each other. However, if studied further, psychology will greatly affect public health. Because psychology is not only concerned with mental health.

Public health psychology will create a society that conforms to the standards of a healthy society. This public health will certainly build an organized community environment. However, to obtain a healthy community standard, several stages are needed to create it.

The steps to realize a healthy and orderly society require the participation of the medical team. Usually, there will be an education about health to be able to prevent disease. Or just make an activity in improving the sanitation of the surrounding environment.

To carry out the several stages above, it requires health practitioners to facilitate the process of delivering material in educating the public. This is why public health psychology is so important. The following are some things related to psychology and public health:

  1. Has a Role in Understanding Behavior
    Public health science is an effort to create a society that can maintain harmony and sustainability of the surrounding environment. In other words, people's behavior will greatly affect the harmony and sustainability of the environment. Therefore, an explanation of psychology to society will be very helpful.
    In the explanation of health science that will be socialized, health practitioners will be very helpful in understanding people's behavior. So that it will be found several things that affect the psychology of public health in maintaining health and preserving the environment.

  2. Helping to Recognize Socio-Cultural Principles of Society
    People's behavior does not only depend on internal factors such as character. Rather, it is influenced by several socio-cultural factors of the surrounding community. Therefore, practitioners must consider the socio-cultural activities of the surrounding community. Because then it will be easy to understand the characteristics of the community including the discussion of health.
    Thus, full expectations are placed on all practitioners to be able to provide solutions in analyzing, planning, and strategic approaches. So that the main goal in creating a society that meets the standards of health levels can be easily realized. Therefore, the role of public health psychology has an important influence.

  3. Able to have the right approach
    If the practitioner has been able to understand the individual character of the community, then it is certain that they have an appropriate approach. Because by taking an appropriate and appropriate approach, it can affect the results of the health education delivered.
    Is the knowledge easily understood and accepted by the community so that all health problems can be resolved. If the explanation is on target, then all health problems can be handled properly and appropriately. Because of this, the role of public health psychology is very important.

  4. Helping Know the Characteristics of Society
    The application of public health science will certainly reach several different levels of society. Differences in knowledge, level of education, and economics will become the target layer for public health education. However, therefore, the practitioner must be able to understand the layers.
    In this case, public health psychology is needed, because it will help find solutions in the delivery of education. The education delivered to each level of society will be different. For example, public health education delivered to housewives will not be the same as education to school children.

  5. Able to guide in speaking
    Psychology is not only about a person's psychology but can help in choosing the appropriate way of communication. Practitioners who understand this will easily interact and communicate effectively. Because it can adjust the style of speech when dealing with society. Thus, education about public health will be easily digested and understood by every level.

  6. Able to Know the Human Learning Process
    Health science in society is very broad, that's why health practitioners must deliver relevant education according to the audience. Thus, public health psychology is indispensable. It is not only relevant information that is considered by health practitioners. However, it must be able to explain information structurally and systematically so that the information is easily accepted and useful.
    The above shows that the relationship between psychology and health lies in understanding the human learning process. Therefore, health practitioners need to be able to understand the human learning process. Of course, so that the pattern of learning health sciences in the community will run well and effectively. Thus, it will be easier for people to apply and understand the knowledge conveyed.

  7. Providing Information About Community Response
    Public health psychology is influenced by the understanding of health practitioners in understanding the response of the community itself. With this understanding, it will be easier for health practitioners to evaluate the discussion presented. To produce a new delivery method that will be by the community's ability to provide a positive response.

  8. Helping the Influence of Psychology on Public Health
    Health psychology will give people a different perspective on a healthy lifestyle. If the process of delivering information can be well received by the community, it will change the mindset. Thinking about the importance of health has certainly been embedded in society.

  9. Provide Ease in Providing Psychological and Moral Support
    People who have thoughts of a healthy lifestyle will have low thoughts for healthy. On the other hand, people who understand the meaning of health will try their best to always be in good health. Because of this, public health psychology is very much needed.

  10. Helping the Health Guidance Process
    The guidance provided will be able to foster a sense of wanting to be free from problems that occur. So that will create hope that will be a new step in life. This counseling is closely related to public health science. In this guidance counseling, psychology is also needed to provide balance.

  11. Able to provide interest in the community to provide participation
    Good counseling and educational guidance will encourage the community to participate. Participation in creating the important role of health for the community. If this has been realized, the public health standard will be easily achieved, because it grows from the community itself. Thus it is clear that public health psychology has a very important role.

Those are some of the relationships between public health psychology and health science. The more open-minded people are to the importance of health, the easier it will be to create a healthy society that meets standards.

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